Videogamer: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Interview

Videogamer writes: "Earlier this week we caught up with Hans Lo, senior producer on Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, to chat about violence, 2D fighters and the challenge of collaborating with one of the world's biggest comic-book companies. Ok, I apologise for starting out with this question, as I'm sure it's one you get asked a lot... but how tricky has it been to aim for a teen rating without losing that unique Mortal Kombat flavour? Has it been very difficult?

Hans Lo: Uh, difficult maybe in the sense that it made us think outside of the box, but the reality was that we've definitely pushed it to the edge. it was never a case of saying, "Oh we're going for a 15 rating or a teem rating, so we don't want any blood or any over the top violence." We went all the way to the edge. We went over, and we brought it back. Wherever it is, this line that everyone keeps talking about, we've actually tried to find it. We've tried to stay as true as possible to the MK franchise."

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