Final Fantasy 8 Remaster will feature English/Japanese voices according to its official website

DSOGaming writes: "Now here is something really interesting. According to the source code of the official website for Final Fantasy VIII Remaster, Square Enix will add both English and Japanese voiceovers. The original game did not feature any voices so these will be the first time gamers will hear Squall, Rinoa, Ultimecia and all the other characters featured in it."

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-Foxtrot1849d ago

That's neat

However I'm worried that because this is getting more goodies and attention added to it then the other remasters that this won't be getting a remake in the far future when FFVII is over and done with. Yes I know that's going to be years off but still, I would hate for them to skip VIII out and go straight to FFIX remake wise. I've waited years to see the Garden Battle fully remade, I'd hate to have to wait even longer.

rainslacker1849d ago

I still think the dance scene is one of the best scenes in gaming, and even most movies/TV shows. It was so beautifully done, and showed a lot about Squall, both his personality and the abilities he'd been taught at the Garden, and not a word of dialogue.

Nitrowolf21849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

This just seems like a simple text error tbh. I really doubt square Enix is going to go back to re-record actually dialogue.

I’m sure this is in reference to the text language, and if it is VO well dam, Square really outdoing themselves there

Sirk7x1849d ago

With the amount of money they're putting into FF7R, across multiple games, I doubt that SE is going to remake any of the FF games in a similar manner. FF7 is still their highest selling game, and none of the other games in the franchise have reached a cultural popularity where they think they'd get enough money back after the investment I'd wager.

FalconofLucis981849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I dont think they'll do IX next, they'll probably do VI, VIII or a sequel to X. Kitase, Nojima and Nomura all worked VI, VIII and X but not IX. I for one would love a prequel or sequel to X next as long as X-2 is retconned.

jeromeface1849d ago

I'd have a heart attack of happiness if they chose to do VI next. It's by far my favorite.

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TheColbertinator1849d ago

Never heard the Japanese voice work so that is good news.

DreadfulHero1849d ago

You never heard the english voice work either, I would think, since it never existed. ;)

I wonder how this will work if true. The character models remained pretty static, and if they just add a head bob in there ala Metal Gear Solid, it will still be pretty silly and unnecessary. Maybe certain scenes will have been redone and have their mouths moving, ala the puppets from the FFIV handheld/PC "remake." That was kind of bad, but it also kind of worked, so... who knows...

Snookies121848d ago

He might be referring to games like Dissidia or Kingdom Hearts that do have voices for some of VIII's characters. I just find it hard to believe we will be getting voiced dialogue though. Blows my mind thinking about hearing Zell, Irvine, Laguna, etc. being voiced.

JunMei1849d ago

Wait.... what? Well... I do recall some lip movement in some of the pre-rendered cutscenes. Maybe that's what they'll be doing? hmmmm

TricksterArrow1849d ago

Couldn't this be regarding the song Eyes on Me?

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