Five Great Hidden Gems

Looking for some hidden gems? Look no further than these five forgotten video games of the last couple console generations.

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Rangerman12081255d ago

A sequel or remaster of Lost Odyssey and Vanquish for next gen consoles would be a dream come true for me.

isarai1255d ago

Oh god a Vanquish sequel would be a dream come true

Gamehard1255d ago

Vanquish was probably my favorite game of last gen. I'd kill for a sequel. Hell, I'd take a remaster at this point.

isarai1255d ago

Metal arms is dope AF! Awesome music, and all the voice actors are 90's cartoon voice actors, well written and funny as hell.

FalconofLucis981254d ago

Dark Chronicle
Shadow Hearts

Stay-Toasty1254d ago

I'm still waiting for The Stanley Parable to come to ps4 because my laptop is a potato :( Ive tried so hard to avoid anything in it, which Ive failed unfortunately because Im so excited to play it so ive watched a little bit of it. But apparently its supposed to be comin.g in summer but they also said early 2019 before, so we'll see. I just hope its soon