Five Great Hidden Gems

Looking for some hidden gems? Look no further than these five forgotten video games of the last couple console generations.

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Rangerman120823d ago

A sequel or remaster of Lost Odyssey and Vanquish for next gen consoles would be a dream come true for me.

isarai23d ago

Oh god a Vanquish sequel would be a dream come true

Gamehard22d ago

Vanquish was probably my favorite game of last gen. I'd kill for a sequel. Hell, I'd take a remaster at this point.

isarai23d ago

Metal arms is dope AF! Awesome music, and all the voice actors are 90's cartoon voice actors, well written and funny as hell.

Stay-Toasty21d ago

I'm still waiting for The Stanley Parable to come to ps4 because my laptop is a potato :( Ive tried so hard to avoid anything in it, which Ive failed unfortunately because Im so excited to play it so ive watched a little bit of it. But apparently its supposed to be comin.g in summer but they also said early 2019 before, so we'll see. I just hope its soon