15 Games That Like to Play With Your Mind

GB: "Some games reduce stress while others like to play with your mind."

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banger88147d ago

15 games on FIFTEEN pages? That's a NO from me.

Manifold Garden
Portal & Portal 2
The Stanley Parable
Monument Valley
Q.U.B.E. 2
Quantum Break
The Swapper

IamTylerDurden1147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

I think Inscryption is the best game on that list. PT and Returnal i would offer. Returnal deserves a spot over some of the listed games. Especially after chapter 3. Maybe even Alice MR? Death Stranding? Kojima all together. To much smaller degree Dead Space. I'm spitballing.

I didn't play Thumper enough to see beyond the visual spectacle. Curious choice.

SullysCigar146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I'd add FEAR and RE7 (when Ethan starts getting visions, especially in the boat) to that list.

Edit: and Here They Lie

Petebloodyonion146d ago

What no Eternal Darkness on the list?

BrainSyphoned146d ago

Only makes me think of gatcha loot crate game specifically built to play your mind into becoming an addict.


Quantum Break Is Only Temporarily Getting Removed From Game Pass

Xbox has confirmed that the removal of Quantum Break was necessary due to what Xbox describes as "current licensing issues."

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IamTylerDurden1180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I mean, no Motorsport releases are on GP, Dead Rising 3 is not, RAD etc. It's a lie that every first party or exclusive is on GP. I actually enjoyed QB though. I know it was a flop but i like story intense games and while flawed QB was enjoyable for me. Though Greenberg didn't help by boasting about how amazing the game is prior to release. He def overplayed it. Still a decent game imo though. I thought Control was better but pperhaps ppl were too hard on QB. The story was enjoyable enough and combat was passable.

gangsta_red180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Those games you mentioned are not first party games. They may have been published by MS but they don't have the rights to the IP.

Seriously, just stop with this little act you have going on now, it's silly and we see through it. A couple of small generic, backhanded compliments followed by a laundry list of you complaining about Xbox and MS.

180d ago
thesoftware730180d ago

I thought I was the only one that noticed his act, but he will say something like " I own an Xbox" and "Calm down" then give a laundry list of things he likes, to prove he is not putting on an act....it's a passive way to seem neutral.

fan_of_gaming180d ago

Forza Motorsport isn't 1st-party?

gangsta_red180d ago

@fan of gaming

"Forza Motorsport isn't 1st-party?"


Motorsport games do release on GP, they don't stay on GP because of licensing issues.

343_Guilty_Spark180d ago

He can’t help himself.

I loved QB. Yes Control overall is better but the soundtrack in QB was amazing.

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thesoftware730180d ago

Sure buddy, thanks for sharing, except the games you named were not MS first party, especially Dead Rising, Capcom made and owns the series.

You should at least know that.

Backhanded passive-aggressive post 101. Good job.

dumahim180d ago

Forza most certainly is.

porkChop180d ago

Forza Motorsport games do release on GP. They get removed after so many years because of licensing.

MadLad180d ago

Figured as much with this one.

CptDville180d ago

No one cared about the game until now. What happened for it to suddenly become “missable”?
I could not finish mine and it has been sitting on my shelf since forever.

MadLad180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

The game does actually have its fans. I bought it the day it launched for PC, and have played through it multiple times over the years. A big issue for a lot of people was that it was a fairly demanding game, yet was relegated to the pretty crap Xbox One tech. It just didn't look or play all that great on console until the Xbox One X, then the Series consoles.

If you go on Steam it's sitting at a very positive rating with many reviews to back it. This was one of those titles that a lot of people consider underrated and overly criticized today.

giovonni180d ago

I owed it and traded it in. The game was a fun game to me. The last boss could have been better, but I enjoyed the story. The controls took two play throughs to get the hang

fan_of_gaming180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I own the physical copy and finished it. Thought it was a fun game.

Amplitude180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I bought an XB1 for Alan Wake and then sold it.
Then i re-bought an XB1 for Quantum Break and sold it.
Then bought both on PC lol

No regrets. Both games were absolute gems

franwex180d ago

Ironically enough, this is making people try this game.

onisama180d ago

We have a saying in my country "things are more wanted when its forbidden" cheal translation i did here but the meaning is if something is forbidden or out of your reach then you wanted even more

RedDevils180d ago

Sound like you want those forbidden fruit.

InUrFoxHole180d ago

I thought the game and show were great!

GotGame818180d ago

Played this back when I had XB1X. Back then I was impressed! Not sure how I would feel about it now, back then it felt like I was playing a movie. That was before I played games like Blood and Truth for PS4VR. If it is available to stream for GP, might give it another go.

Definitely deserves a sequel. If the OG didn't hold up, Series X/S and PC would do the sequel very nicely.

babadivad180d ago

I recently played this again on Series X. It honestly looks as good as Control.