Game Pass loses Quantum Break soon

As confirmed by the Game Pass app, Remedy's sci-fi third-person shooter Quantum Break will leave Xbox Game Pass soon.

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TheEnigma313171d ago

I forgot about this game. I wanted i play it when it came out.

Godmars290171d ago

Well, its still on GP if you've got that.

Sonic1881171d ago

The game was mediocre at best. It wasn't anything special.

Petebloodyonion171d ago

Did you like Control? It's often listed as one of the top 10 best PS4 games

Sonic1881171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

I actually thought Control was decent but it was definitely better than Quantum Break.

DarXyde171d ago

I... Unfortunately have to agree. It was actually one of a handful of reasons I got an Xbox One. It was also my lesson learned where I realized that Remedy has to make a certain type of game for me to like their work. I really enjoyed Alan Wake, but I really didn't care for QB and skipped Control as a result. The live action stuff was definitely unique and an interesting spin on things, but it really just ended up annoying me.

Crows90171d ago

Its got great stuff is whatever but not too bad. Game was too short for sure.

Zeref171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

It was definitely special. Story could have been better but it's worth playing for the special effects and the powers alone.

PrinceOfAnger171d ago

Imo It has better gameplay than Uncharted 4 the shooting is more fun with the powers i beat both games but uncharted got better story, quantum break is no less than a 8.5 would love to see QB2.

MadLad171d ago

And I found it largely underrated. I liked it more than control.

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franwex171d ago

It’s a decent game, but I did lose interest and did not finish it.

Control is much better, but it does start a bit slow. Very slow.

Sonic1881170d ago

I fell asleep playing it especially when the long cut scenes started

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Sciurus_vulgaris171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

It’s odd that Quantum Break is leaving Games since MS owns the IP. However, there maybe a license that needs to be renewed in order to keep the game on the service.

sparky77171d ago

Yeah I bet it's to do with the TV Show part, likely something to do with licenses with soundtrack, actors or even prop usage like the cars in the show.

Lightning77171d ago

Perhaps MS gave the IP to Remedy. Disappointing from a creative stand point as MS could of done a Quantum Break 2.

Though this could be one of those cases where none of MS studios wants to work on a sequel which makes perfect sense because They don't own that engine and they would have to reboot it and with a different engine.

Remedy is too busy with Alan Wake 2 and a few other projects to do a QB2 sequel. I think it would be cool to have all 3 characters I'm a single game to team up and combine their strengths to take out the big threat marvel MCU style.

Sciurus_vulgaris171d ago

I highly doubt Microsoft would give the Quantum Break Ip to Remedy. Microsoft paid for the game’s development, marketing and licenses. I think Quantum Break is being removed from gamepass due to licensing of music or actor contracts.

Eidolon171d ago

I enjoyed it enough after the Xbox One X enhancement, maybe a bit too run on with the narrative, but the gameplay, graphics, and mechanics are good, I can see where Control stemmed from. I'm pretty close to beating it on hard, too. 2 weeks is plenty, won't care too much when it's gone since I practically did most of the clean up.. less compelled to do 1000GS than platinum.

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LoveSpuds171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

I guess I best give the game a try, plenty of games which didn't review well that I have really enjoyed.

I also think Remedy and MS deserve some credit for trying something different in respect of experimenting with merging a game with a TV show. On paper it does sound like an interesting idea I think.

SullysCigar171d ago

I like good games. I like good TV. This blends mediocre elements from each to make a dull experience. I felt robbed of my time, but that's often the case with Gamepass.

thesoftware730171d ago

Sully FYI,

No one values your opinion on anything Xbox related. You can pretend that you are objective, but you are not.

Crows90171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

But this game didn't originally release with gamepass. Im a playstation fan way over the crap xbox is doing but lets stop being the stereotypical fanboy.

This game has nothing to do with gamepass.

SullysCigar171d ago

^ I see you've failed to notice that this article is ABOUT GAMEPASS @Crows90. No big deal, but let's not pretend my comment bears no relation to the topic at hand. Unlike Mr Objectivity here, who's opting for off topic personal attacks, because he can't handle a different view to his own.

Lightning77171d ago

"I felt robbed of my time, but that's often the case with Gamepass."

Considering AAA and AA games release on GP. Games of all types.

But go ahead and explain what you mean by this then.

thesoftware730171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

You can call it a personal attack if you like, but it's not, it's an opinion directed, directly at your comment.
Your comment that was conceived and forced concluded to diss GP. Besides what I said is true, anyone on this site that likes anything on Xbox would never take your opinion on Xbox related games, or services seriously, you pained your own bio on here buddy.

The truth is your opinions are biased, and take any opportunity so "Attack". You claim to be on topic then mention being robbed by GP, when in reality this was a game that launched outside of GP and then later added, how is GP robbing you? You could have bought the game in many different ways, even on another platform.

It reeks of an untrustworthy opinion.

I got a even better question for you, why in the blue hell if something keeps disappointing you, you keep using it!? If GP makes you feel robbed and you keep going back, you are either lying and trolling...or you are truly living up to the definition of inanity.

SullysCigar171d ago

^ @Softy, you tried way too hard to sound like you have a clue about my gaming habits and you're putting words in my mouth because you're incensed that I hold a different opinion from yours. I don't value your opinion on anything regardless of the subject, because most of your comments are thick as mince.

I'll go ahead and qualify my statement for @Lighning77, because while he doesn't like my opinion, he's not being a pathetic manchilld about it and is just asking me a reasonable question.

I played this game on Gamepass and was so disappointed by the time the credits rolled, I wanted my time back. This happens to me regularly with films too. With Gamepass, I've often been tempted by games I don't recognise, that sound good or look good in the trailer, only for them to be crap. There's SO much filler, you end up only playing the games everyone talks about and hidden gems are rare indeed, so I feel like Gamepass is a time drain and I get less enjoyment from surfing that service than if I just pick my games in the good old-fashioned way, doing my research. If I wouldn't be happy to buy the game, it's not worth my time. With Gamepass, at times I feel like I'm channel-hopping on the TV and never actually watched anything, so that gaming time is gone and I didn't scratch the itch.

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thesoftware730171d ago

You should definitely give it a shot, don't listen to some of these people on here for an objective opinion on anything that has to do with Xbox, they will always paint a negative picture.

The production values on the game at the time were top notch, and it definitely had a Remedy feel..nice shooting, great powers, and well acted movie segments..littlefinger(from GoT) and Lance Reddick did a bang up job.