4 new games announced as 6 get removed from Xbox Game Pass

Neil writes: "As a service it's grown from month to month, so much so that right now, Xbox Game Pass is a near essential subscription for any Xbox gamer to consider. But to keep things fresh and interesting, the scheme will only really work should new games get added and removed from the service, and as June powers on, 4 new games have been confirmed for arrival in Xbox Game Pass, along with 6 being removed."

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lxeasy625d ago

Keep on adding games baby we love it! Can't wait to finally play Rare Replay.

CP_Company625d ago

keep adding? -2games is adding games? wow, xboters!! cha.

TheUndertaker85625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

You are aware that Rare Replay isn't one single game correct? It's a compilation of 30 games.

So your math is way off. Xbox Game Pass would have effectively added more than ten games. Likely more than twenty.

33 individual game options. Minus 6 would be 27. If any are repeats Microsoft boosted the number of games still. Not decreased them.

And a title is not equivalent to a game. Since you used the word "games", not titles.

lodossrage625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

Undertaker, even though you're technically right. The fact is that's not how it's counted at retail. It's sold as a singular title. So CP is actually right.

Buying a collection of games like Rare Replay, Namco Museum, Genesis Collection, etc only count as one game even though they're compilations of multiple ones.

yomfweeee625d ago

Wow what a spin. 33 games added this month! Only 6 removed.

TheUndertaker85625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

@lodossrage: Except for I'm not "technically right". Rare Replay is the title of the compilation package, not an individual game.

Games and titles are two very different things. If you buy The Lord of the Rings collection, The Matrix Trilogy, or multiple other compilation packages(this works for other media as well; games and music namely) you aren't getting one adventure. You're getting multiple. Those compilations are made up of different experiences and content. The same as Rare Replay.

What's not right is individuals coming in to troll because people can be happy for the content they're getting or with what's offered.

Further you're now attempting to go with a "sale" idea rather than acknowledging the content in the package. You'd be effectively moving the goal posts. Because a sale does not equal a game either.

There is 33 individual games being added. 6 are being removed. There's no spin needed to realize that up to 27 individual game options will be added even after the removal. Because, 100% factually, there are 33 individual games to now try.

Chris12625d ago

CP-Company, so that's how many added this month? Wow, ponies!! cha.

timotim625d ago

I see 4 games...and one of those games has many games apart of its package...didn't we (GP users) just get Metro Exodus added anyway? 😏

lodossrage625d ago


No I don't fail to acknowledge anything. I go with the facts on the ground as they stand. Breaking up compilation packages that are GIVEN as ONE product to bolster a number doesn't change the fact that it's counted as one game.

If you went to gamestop or bestbuy (or any place you purchase games) And you bought the physical version of Rare Replay, how many items will it count as on your receipt? 1 or 33?

TheUndertaker85625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

@lodossrage: I think I'd see one purchase of 30 games as that's what it is? One purchase. One sale. Still 30 games.

What then makes the sale, which isn't what's being talked about and the story(poorly) talking about game numbers, not purchases, an indicator of content or the fact that the one title is 30 individual games?

Plus if I went to GameStop or Best Buy I could buy all 30 games individually. But why would I knowing I could buy the compilation and get the same 30 games?

See how this works? One title. 30 games. Or I could ditch the title and buy all 30 games. No matter the spin they're both 30 games.

If I was worried about sales I'd might do so. But if it's the games you're after and talking about that one package contains 30. But again also, this story isn't about sales. It's about games being added to GP and how many there are.

aconnellan625d ago

I guess you missed the 23 games that were added a week or two ago then

gamer7804625d ago

Overall the catalog is growing, but some months more are removed than added. But we really know why you are here...

mynd625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

CP_Company, they added at least 4 games earlier this month.

gam3r_4_lif3625d ago

@lodossrage a game is a game. Game pass just added 30 GAMES. I know it annoys you but its an amazing deal.

iplay1up2625d ago

Games pass has OVER 200 games right now. Including Metro Exodus, the newest Tomb Raider Forza 4. Those 3 games alone would cost me over $100 easily.

Mr_Writer85624d ago (Edited 624d ago )


But they're not individual. You have to download the complete collection.

For example I can't play Battle Toads without downloading the rest.

Microsoft themselves also count it as one title... Sooooooo.....

TheUndertaker85624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

@Mr_Writer85: MS says the same thing I do. It's 30 games.
"Celebrate Rare’s 30th Anniversary with a jaw-dropping collection of 30 iconic games, lovingly presented for Xbox One. Tackle snapshot challenges and enjoy exclusive bonus features."

Even further Microsoft says the Xbox 360 versions get added to your download queue separately. As you also get those with Rare Replay. 🤔

Mr_Writer85624d ago (Edited 624d ago )


They literally say in the article they're adding 4 titles.

Not 33.


Hope this helps.

TheUndertaker85624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

@Mr_Writer85: So curious. Where in that entire article does it say, "4 games" or how many GAMES are being added? Because the one place that says ANYTHING about game totals on that page lists 100 new games for the month of June for Game Pass. Or are you attempting to link the two as written exactly the same(they aren't) so that the site submitted here blends info with another story on another outlet from another writer?
"We’ve launched Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta), brought over 100 new games to the Xbox Game Pass library across console and PC, and got called breathtaking by Keanu Reeves."

Here's a lesson writer. You seem like you need it. In writing context do look up both "Title" and "Game(s)". A title is not the content. A title is also not a game or the games included.

Mr_Writer85624d ago (Edited 624d ago )


You do know the We've added, doesn't include the games it goes onto mention right? Hence the use of the word we've and not We're....

"right now and play over 100 high quality PC games now"

That is what the over 100 is referring too, the 100 added to PC and then the (about 10) added to Xbox.

Hence the...

"brought over 100 new games to the Xbox Game Pass library across console and PC,"

Not titles, games....

Now please stop embarrassing yourself.

Hope this helps.

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BadElf625d ago

Enjoy Banjo again, friend

Kornholic625d ago

Your math sucks. After the update, game pass will have two games less.

gangsta_red625d ago

Torment: Tides of Numenera?!? Absolute trash of a game.

franwex625d ago

I just bought it...
I enjoyed Planescape torment.

gam3r_4_lif3625d ago

Hey everybody Mr period. Is trying to diss the best deal in gaming ever

gangsta_red625d ago

What deal am I ...dissing...?

SierraGuy625d ago

What the heck is "Goat Simulator"?

timotim625d ago

Rare Replay is an amazing package of games and achievements, bought it day one, but for those that will be playing for the first time with XGP, congrats and enjoy.

2pacalypsenow625d ago

Will def try out goat simulator lol

timotim625d ago

Was thinking the same! That's the beauty of allows you to try games you would have never bought but could be fun.

FallenAngel1984625d ago

I wish I could borrow an Xbox One just to play Rare Replay

TheUndertaker85625d ago (Edited 625d ago )

Rare Replay is a great package. Even if you aren't into every game on it there are definitely some gems on there. Plus a lot of Rare Replay has enhanced versions now.

Thirty games like those found in Rare Replay is astounding honestly. It's a lot of content that could definitely occupy people for a good bit. You definitely get your money's worth. The content also extends to all sorts of age ranges and gamer types. I honestly feel like Rare Replay has at least one thing for everyone, young, old, casual, or hardcore.

gamer7804624d ago

it is great, also perfect dark zero just got enhanced for xbox one x too.

Profchaos625d ago

Honestly I've got it and I was a little disappointed in the resolution and they put a frame around all the games and make you play inside a box. It's actually pretty much better to just play on a emulator for games like conquer

SierraGuy625d ago

I wish I could borrow an Xbox One just to play Goat Simulator.

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