Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Lara Croft is a Terrible Person

Bleeding Cool: “It’s nice that Lara Croft has been a hero for girls in gaming since the 1990s, and the new Tomb Raider from a few years ago tried to reboot her as a more realistic character, giving her an origin story as a normal posh English girl who goes through her crucible to become the tomb raider we all know. The writing suggests she gets a boatload of PTSD for her ordeal as she ends up killing hundreds of crazed cult members on the island. But she comes out stronger and more determined.

So far so good. Until the next two games.

In the original games, Lara Croft wasn’t exactly a nice person either, but she was fun. She was more honest about being a posho who galivanted around the world wrecking ancient sites in search of priceless artifacts in silly pulp adventures. I don’t know why writers these days think “mature” writing is to insist on making their heroes joyless and grim. Is it a symptom of our grim times that the heroes of all our AAA entertainment from cable TV series to video games have to be horrible people who cause harm to innocent people as a sign of how edgy they are? Is that really necessary?”

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Elwenil32d ago

Is it a symptom of our grim times that of all our gaming journalists have to be horrible writers who attempt to infect everyone with their own pussification as a sign of how fucking stupid they are? Is that really necessary?”

Ikenda32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Dude is your fault. You just gave him the pleasure that he wanted. Stupid articles like this one have hungry for attention (and clicks) writers that have zero reasoning, behind them. Even Mario have been accused of mass murdering.Mario.The Nintendo plumber Mario. I want some developer to make an action game one day about a hero who sits in a bench, talking to himself until the credits roll. That would be a really fun action game (s)... Anyway it's your fault that you commented on his stupid article. And now is my fault too... Without us he may have to push himself to write good stuff... Without us he doesn't even exist... Until he write good stuff.

LucasRuinedChildhood32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Have you ever considered that perhaps you're the one being a pussy and that you need to stop freaking out over an opinion article? The article raises a good point - the writing in these Tomb Raider games has been really flawed, if not downright terrible at times. I didn't bother playing the third game but Lara is an unlikeable, dumb character in Rise Of The Tomb Raider.

BTW, you submitted the following article: "First Person Mode Makes 'GTA 5' More Horrible Than Ever". Dunking on game journalists may be fashionable on N4G, but you submitted an article that dwells on the horrors of killing a civilian in first person in GTA 5. Don't be a hypocrite.

Elwenil32d ago

WTF does an article about a half-assed 1st person perspective in a 3rd person game have to do with criticizing a "journalist" with an opinion article written as though it's 100% fact? Maybe you are spending too much time looking into my N4G account and not enough on comprehending what you are reading. As for calling me a hypocrite, you need to look up the definition of the word and if you think I am freaking out, you have no idea what you are talking about. I don't lose my temper over ignorance like this, not even from obviously ill formed and foolishly worded replies like yours.

LucasRuinedChildhood32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The article that you submitted was obviously an opinion piece, just like this article. It was not just a report that first person was being added to GTA 5 like you're trying to pretend it was. C'mon, don't play dumb.

"It's more real than ever, and it's more horrible than ever ..." Your criticisms could also be levelled at this Forbes article, but back then it seems that you weren't quite as sensitive.

Also, do you even disagree with the assessment of the writing?

AK9132d ago

Symptom? It's more of a requirement these days if you want to be a journalist of any kind.

SubZtx32d ago

She should have bitch slapped Jonah after the flood when he started moralizing and said "I have a job to do are you in or out? If you are in STFU."

BrianOBlivion32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

"...and in the fights, she’s now an unstoppable killing machine. When she starts fighting, she doesn’t talk about hesitating or backing down"
The same can be said for just about any male protagonist in any non-passive video game.

" she’s the Predator now. She now stalks the bad guys and kills them more viciously than she did in the previous games."
Once again, what's good for the gander should also be good for the goose. You've got some different standard for females in an aggressive game?

"...she embodies white privilege and colonialism -she slums it in the Third World and gets poor people killed, then plays white knight..."
She didn't "cause" the flood or the impending apocalypse... she unwittingly triggered the sequence of events, while trying to stop what Trinity would have done intentionally done moments later.
The whole point was that SHE was blaming herself and trying to redeem herself for something that WASN'T her fault.... I guess you didn't grasp that.

Also, you are bringing your hang-ups and bigotry into play here -I'm not going to engage your messed up personal race issues.

AK9132d ago

I honestly don't even like the 3rd Era Tomb Raider games but this article is just some more silly game journalist nonsense, also bleedingcool? Really?