18 Minutes of Control New Gameplay Released

Telekinetic abilities, extradimensional monsters and many secrets in Remedy’s upcoming sci-fi adventure

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Forn36d ago

This looks so damn cool. Glad it's not exclusive so I can play it on PS4.

TengHu36d ago

Feels a tiny bit Souls-like. I'm liking it. Can't wait to play this!

Qrphe35d ago

Explain further

Stanjara36d ago

This game looks fantastic!

SyntheticForm35d ago

I agree; it looks quality. From that game play, it looks like a match for the upcoming third 'and' first party exclusives. The narrative is interesting, and it looks fun.

What was a blip on my radar is now a permanent spot.

Hardiman36d ago

Really digging Control. Love the art direction and colors and the subject matter is very interesting! I love folklore, curses and the occult so I can't wait to play it.

Alan Wake was the last Remedy game that I played and I loved that game, so I really excited to delve into Control.

SyntheticForm35d ago

I loved Alan Wake; think it was leagues above Quantum Break which was their last game. Alan Wake was so atmospheric and tense - really enjoyed the setting, game play, and the fantastic story.

Control looks like a total comeback for Remedy right now.

Hardiman35d ago

Couldn't agree more and I haven't played QB but I did watch streams on it and it looked like a step back from AW IMO.

Alan Wake though was everything I wanted and more! Loved the narrative, the characters and especially the setting. I love the Pacific Northwest and I really enjoy games set there such as Alan Wake and Days Gone.

Control though looks completely different but because the occult is involved the Oldest House is so much more.

Eidolon36d ago

Looks good. I'm liking it

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The story is too old to be commented.