Final Fantasy VII Remake Developers Considering How Far the Second Game Will Reach

Twinfinite talked to Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase and he provided more color on the episodic nature of the series.

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naruga4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

1st game the whole midgar fight and escape ....2nd game until Aeris temple ...3rd game to the end + release of a complete edition to include all the previous episodes

NealGamby4d ago

I'll be damned. If they think they are breaking a full game into multiple $60 purchases to get more money, they won't be getting mine. If I won't be able to play all the way through this upcoming game and fight Sephiroth, forget it. Any additional FF7 release better be new storylines.

Eonjay4d ago

The sheer size would make what you are asking for really hard to do. If they are making 3 full games of content then perhaps they should be compensated for such. The first part alone fills two bluray discs. Hands on impressions say that not only is it faithful but with brand new content like full voiced conversations and scene where there was once only dialogue boxes. This project will be huge. What it sounds like you want is to wait like 3 years for the complete edition to go on sale for $20 and thats just fine too.

PapaBop4d ago

I don't want to defend episodic content practice but here I can understand, the cost of developing the whole of FF7 in a single product would cost way more than they could make back. Having said that though, if they use this as an excuse to artificially extend the story to get more out of less content, then that practice is going to get them a lot of hate. I think it's understandable with Midgar being episode 1 but it needs to branch out for episode 2 and cover a good chunk of content.

NiteX4d ago

You bet your harry ass they will charge not only $60 for each, BUT they will all have insanely priced collectors editions. On top of that plan on each console having re-released versions that will also be $60. Then maybe 10 years from now the "definitive edition" with all 3 games plus DLC and whatever the hell else for PS6.

kayoss4d ago

The original game took 3 disks and the game is basically a open world RPG once you reach a certain point in the game. So you want the developers to re-create the entire FF7 world and stories in one go? Even MCU have to break their movies into multiple installments.

RizBiz4d ago

You are absolutely allowed to wait 2-3 years for a sale. It's up to you.

TheGamez1004d ago

I mean its a triple A game thats a remake of one of the best games ever made from one of the best generations. Its a wish come true and Id be willing to even pay that much for the whole experience. Square has said that the world of ff7s so huge and that they want to perfect it so it would take multiple games to complete it like ff13 1-3 or ffx 1-2. There will also be new scenes and more to extend from the original. Of course that all depends if the first episode is good. The amount of content, gameplay, and playtime will be the deciding factor for me.

UltraNova3d ago

Remakes no matter how painstakingly worked on are still games we, most of us I should say, already played and know. So waiting for the complete edition is a no brainer. As for people who haven't played it I'd say go for it get part 1 and see if you like it. SE made enough changes to align the game mechanics to what gamers today are expecting so its a rather safe bet.

Tbh I was crazy about FF7 for years...but after spending more than 1500 hrs with it (i was broke back at ps1 days so every game got a shit ton of play time) so I'm not that excited to buy it day 1. I will though when its done.

chris2353d ago

talk is cheap. i feel the same. but i am honest enough to myself and the world that i will buy and play it.

Lionsguard3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

By all means don't buy it. I'm glad Square is not listening to idiots like you who think its possible to cram the enormity of FF7 into 2-3 disks. No one is going to lose sleep over your empty threats. It'd be like Peter Jackson caving into Studios to cram Lord of the Rings into 1 movie.

MeteorPanda3d ago

they did that with 13 and no one really complained?

Chriswynnetbh3d ago

I'm right there with you man. SE is purposely turning this thing into an episodic game because they want more money and they know they'll get away with it to because of the nostalgia people have for FFVII. I won't be caught dead supporting this. And everyone on here defending this BS is gonna be crying when 5 years from now every studio is breaking games up into episodes and charging full price for each one.

Dom_Estos3d ago

100% correct on this.

But look at your disagrees. Seems like Square already has the fanboys bent over ready to be fleeced. The original game was roughly 40 hours long. They are talking about extending this first part to roughly that, all the while, you are paying full price. No one asked for more for the sake of more, Square. We asked for a faithful remake that'll be roughly the same length from start to finish for the price of a game. You know, something that everyone else has done, most recently Capcom with RE2. Yet, here you are, ready to Peter Jackson the fuck out of this thing and extend it to three parts, money. You want us to shell out 150 quid to get a full product. Well, you can get fucked! I certainly will not fall for that piecemealing approach to something you could have easily completed in content spanning 40+ hours like a lot of games do these days, but you want to turn this into The Hobbit of videogames.

Wolffenblitz3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


...I'm not a "square fanboy" as you so eloquently put it, but if you don't want it... don't buy it. Seriously. This is something I don't get these days. We've been asking for this for years and the creators of FF7 wanted to do it properly, and after reading Poly's FF7 dev history write up I can see why they wanted to give it this treatment.

It's their property. It's their game, they want to make it amazing for fans, and I'm excited. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to play all the way through without waiting for more, but they're doing it and I'm going to enjoy it.

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NapalmSanctuary3d ago

If I ever do buy this game - and thats a big 'if' - it wont be until everything is out and discounted to no more than the price of a single game all together. I full well expect to be a grandfather by the time that happens.

-Foxtrot4d ago

Seriously. You could do it all in the second one and finish it.

Nitrowolf24d ago

its crazy enough that they're putting midgar on two disc, i mean you are there for a bit but not a whole lote. They are padding a ton of stuff I can only assume

-Foxtrot4d ago

Like I've said, all that padding is most likely extra content they are adding to prolong the game so why don't they just do the game as it is with a few new things here and there they have space for then add onto the world in a sequel or something further down the line.

I mean I know why...more instalments, more money but still.

kayoss4d ago

Its not padding, they are diving deeper into the story that we havent seen before.

Snookies124d ago

Padding isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm all for delving deeper into the city of Midgar. It's such a big location, and we only got to see very select sections of the city in the original. I think it makes a lot of sense to expand on it.

-Foxtrot3d ago


You act like FF7 wasn’t deep

It was a rich filled world, sure add some more lore and longer missions from the first game explaining things more but you don’t need to create so much when you could just finish the game how it is

Zenbaby3693d ago

Well if you look at the old game and think about it. There is a lot that could have been elaborated on. More time in Midgar to really get to know the characters. I wouldn't exactly call it padding. There is a lot left to be desired there. In a lot of the original game to be honest. Anyway, I seem to remember years ago that this is what they're aiming to do. Some people just want a straight up remake and that isn't what this is, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. We will have to wait and see but there's no way in hell I'd buy a straight remake, I am super excited for the potential this has though.

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jaycptza3d ago

You have no idea how intense this development is clearly. If it's not for you then that's okay

-Foxtrot3d ago

Right first of all I didn't say anything to give off the impression it "wasn't for me"

Secondly the development is intense because Square Enix made it that way, if they just did a simpler remake they'd have finished it by now and it would most likely all be in one package

Zenbaby3693d ago

People seem to remember FF7 as being this perfect creation. I remember it as a game I loved. I also remembered a LOOOT of parts I wish had more detail. -Foxtrot says it's deep. I disagree, the last time I played it, it felt like a lot of wasted opportunity and just a lot more I wanted to see more of.

-Gespenst-4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

1st game should have been Aerith, 2nd game should have been post-Aerith. I'm excited by the idea of (what I am presuming will be) a dense, handmade, open-world Midgar, but Midgar is like under a half of the first disc, and they're stretching it across 2 whole blurays. If they want the rest of the game to be as dense, you're talking 4 or 5 parts, and like what, 8 to 10 discs?

Also, have they really not planned the second part? When is it going to release then? If it's as dense as the first part, and they haven't even started making it, that means it'll come out in like 2023 or something. If the game really is going to have 4-5 parts, the last part won't be out till like the 2030s, and god knows what will happen between now and then.

And what about other projects? If they'e going to be working heavily on the VII Remake for the next decade, how will they make other games?

It'd be awesome to be able to play a game this massive and ambitious, but is it really necessary to do this much work for the game to be good and worth playing? I really don't think so. Based on the little we know, this approach just seems kind of insane, but maybe it's not as bad as it looks.

Snookies124d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I mean, Midgar is the biggest city in FF7's world. (Maybe tied with Junon) I seriously doubt they're going to pad out anything nearly as much as they have with Midgar though.

-Gespenst-3d ago

But how are the next parts going to compare to the first if they aren't as dense? They might feel like totally different games, and they might pale in comparison to the first one. I would expect them to pad out the world around the various places of interest - maybe open-world with large zones or something. Like, it wouldn't do if the subsequent parts were as dense as the original games - it would make the total experience very strange and unbalanced. It would probably feel a bit like the difference between Lucis and Niflheim / Tenebrae in XV.

Mr_Writer853d ago

Tbf don't forget the game had to essentially start from scratch 2 years ago. And they even say they expect to be more efficient going forward.

So roughly 3 years, they could maybe get that down to two each episode. So 2022 and last episode 2024. They have started work on it, their just not sure where to end it story wise.

I'd be surprised if there isn't at least a small team lay the ground work for 2 whilst everyone else finishes 1.

Seraphim3d ago

this game will stretch into FFVIIs 35th Anniversary. PS6 launches with FFVII The Remake Complete Edition.

I was hoping they ditched the stupid episodic idea. they're milking the ish out this. There was no reason to reinvent the wheel. Just make it from forged aluminum instead of wood. I guess we'll see how it plays out but I'm less excited for 3/3/20 and more excited for 3/3/30 when the entire game is available.

metalgod884d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I'm fine with them breaking the game up due to the sheer size of the game, but what I'm most worried is about, is development during the end lifecycle of one console and the beginning of another. This is going to complicate things significantly and I hope they are prepared.

Personally, I'm not buying them until its finished 100%. I'm still enjoying the original on my ps1.

FalconofLucis983d ago

You do that, but I guarantee it halfway through a part youre gonna buy it mr. Cool.

metalgod883d ago

Hmm, unlike yourself, I actually have self control and dont dictate my purchases through impulse. People who pre-order should learn to do the same.

343_Guilty_Spark4d ago

Far enough to be playable on Switch and XBOX.

Btw I have all three so don't come come for me

Ricegum4d ago

Funny how you say that about this game, but when it's an Xbox exclusive you never say to bring it to PS4.

343_Guilty_Spark4d ago

Why would I when all you guys have high end gaming rigs.

Zabatsu23d ago

No guilty is just full of his usual bs.