IGN UK: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review

Ultimately, there's a great idea at the core of Nuts & Bolts and, from superb construction tools right through to lavish presentation, there are plenty of individual elements worthy of praise. When it fails though, Banjo fails badly and the lack of any fundamentally engaging framework to support the game's creative elements renders the game pretty much obsolete for anyone looking for something to appreciate beyond the incredibly flexible building component in isolation. There's one moment of delicious irony in Banjo as you hop from one bland task to the next though. Don't like the vehicle-based gameplay on offer?, the loading screen enquires. Don't worry, it says, before suggesting you might want to try downloading the original Banjo-Kazooie from Xbox Live.

Presentation - 7.5
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 7.5
Gameplay - 6.0
Lasting Appeal - 6.5
Overall -

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Pennywise4055d ago

The glory days are long gone from Rare.


Then working on their actual games

Danja4055d ago

1UP -A>> 90
IGN UK >> 6.5/10

HMMM can you spot the guy on M$ payroll ??? lol

Average game ...!! just go and download the orignal game ppl..

cmrbe4055d ago

However they could still redeem themsleves if they release a kickass KI3.

KI still remains the best fighting game in the SNES era for me personally. Better than SF and MK for me personally.

If there is one big game i am looking forward to on the x360 is KI3.

Danja4055d ago

I agree KI is bada$$

but the original team who made the game isn't the current guys who are at Rare so thegame would prolly sucks...

but they can always make "Viva Pinata Brawl"

divideby04055d ago

I hear ya...RaRe was my all time fav. developer....Even with the lack of info and delays they always put out the best games IMO...Now...they have lost it

FCC4055d ago

Viva Pinata, Kameo, PDZ, and Banjo were all hate it or love it games. They all have their respective communities and good reviews. Though I do agree their games were not as eye popping as back in the day.

If they released a Killer Instincts 3, it'd kill all Street Fighters, all Mortal Kombats, all Tekkens, all Soul Caliburs, all Virtue Fighters, all Dead or Alives combined with one little screenshot of the game.

If they released a new Conker without adding vehicles into it, it'd kill all Ratchet & Clanks, all Banjo Kazooies, all platforming games with one good gameplay video of the game.

If they released a PROPER Perfect Dark, instead of a Gamecube to XBOX to XBOX 360 port, it'd kill every game possible.

Rare potentially can win the hearts of every fan if they actually listen to their fans. Hopefully part of the 2009 promises from Microsoft would be a brand new Rare game, they hinted at Killer Insticts 3 so much it became a inside joke but maybe one day it'll become a reality.

Bathyj4055d ago

Rare have pretty much sucked since M$ bought them.

Hey, I liked Viva Pinata personally, but one quirky niche title in 6 years. C'mon. With the stellar Rare name and background that goes with it, they would have been sold off or worse, liquidated long ago.

I miss Rare classic. New Rare sux.

Homicide4055d ago

Shame really. Rare were one of my favorite devs. Oh well, time to move on.

Final_Rpg4055d ago

Ahh well. Maybe a new Conkers will be good?

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m234055d ago

I had such high hopes for this game. The demo ruined it for me, it was way too different for me.

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I Got 99 Problems Bu4055d ago

IT'S THE FLOP!!!!!!!*Insert hand sign*

Maxned4055d ago

God what a shame... Its pretty obvious that Microsoft asked Rare to put more "oomf" in the Banjo Series, seeing as the 360 is far more powerful than the N64... anyways, they probably asked Rare to add vehicles and only 6 gigantic worlds.

Heres what they could have done to make this game better:

-Vehicles were interesting, but there shouldve been one vehicle per mission.

-If microsoft wanted a big game, they didnt have to MASSIVE worlds (only 6). They should have just done 40-50 worlds similar in size to Super Mario worlds.

-Keep Kazooie's moves! What happened to the talon trot?

-Bring back the health bar! Why would they have recharchable health system in this game? So stupid. I drowned in the demo, and kazooie just slapped Banjo and he suddenly woke up. So dumb...

In short, I dont think this is a flop. There are other reviews, and this game definitely does not deserve a 6.5.
However, it does not deserve a 10. At least not in my book.

I am also kind of worried that in the next Banjo game, they will keep vehicles. Think about it. Why would they make smaller worlds? Since the 720 will probably be much larger in disk space, the next Banjo game will be bigger, meaning they wont go back to small platforming, IMO.

And one more thing...

If (I'm guessing) 10+ review sites and magazines own Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts...