Fallout Shelter Online will add PvP, clans, and an overworld

Fallout Shelter is an incredibly popular free-to-play game that is available on Xbox One and other platforms. The gameplay revolves around managing your own "Vault" as you have to deal with survival on a daily basis. The game has received a number of updates since launch, but it looks like a sequel is on the way.

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Kingdroopy2018917d ago

Screw Bethesda they want to keep making games thier fan base are not asking for

porkChop917d ago

Nah. Fallout Shelter was a great game. It was pretty limited at launch but they've added so much to it. I would be down for a sequel.

ocelot07917d ago

Really enjoyed Shelter it was one of those games I played while deciding what game I play next.