Why Fable II is the Best Xbox Exclusive

A reader goes into detail on his pick for this week’s Hot Topic, and explains why he thinks Fable II is the best game Microsoft’s ever published.

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Fluttershy77764d ago

It's among their best exclusives for sure; that's why its even more infuriating the cancellation of Legends and the shutting down of Lionhead... Fable is dead.

CaptainOmega763d ago

was legends really going to be good? It seemed like a MOBA type Fable game..

TyrellCorp763d ago

Rumor is Playground is developing a next gen Fable, so it may not be dead yet. I certainly hope so, as I love the franchise and actually believe it never truly reached its potential.

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DaDrunkenJester763d ago

Let's not pretend Lengends was going to be a good game... I was in their early tests and it was nothing like Fable 1-3. Legends was a bad spin off that would have failed.

Fluttershy77763d ago

Of course. I mean, you were in the early test

Saranya763d ago

Legend was a microtransactions games bro.

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WolfLeBlack763d ago

Geez, I have a lot of good memories from Fable 2. From what I've heard the slightly upgraded Xbox X version is pretty good. Might be time to go back and give it a play :D

TheRealTedCruz763d ago

Didn't like it, honestly. The first one was soo good. Fable 2 was dumbed down in a lot of ways and just overly accessible.
Not to mention the entire story was just finding three dudes and then fight bad guy. Very little happens in between.

I honestly thought 3 was better, if only for the art style, which I really enjoyed.

chiefJohn117763d ago

.....🤨 You know what, I won't do it, I'mma let you live lol.

Chaos-Dad763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

love fable 2, best X360 exclusive. rip lionhead studios

chiefJohn117763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

One of the best for sure but Halo 3 beats it. Fable 2 2nd. I played this over a friend's house it also help convince me to get a 360. Once I did my first 2 games where halo 3 and Fable 2

Fist4achin763d ago

IMO Halo was better, but Fable was fun to play as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.