Thomas the Tank engine mod got Skyrim player in legal trouble

The tradition of adding Thomas the Tank Engine to video games started with Skyrim back in 2013, when Kevin Brock put the blue locomotive to Bethesda’s fantasy game. While the cameo has become a meme now, the joke’s explosion apparently put the modder in hot water with Mattel, the toy giants who own Thomas’ image.

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P_Bomb33d ago

YouTube came to his defense and ignored the takedown based on the parody law. Good to know.

FTANK32d ago

Funny how 1 second they will arbitrarily defend something and then other allow things to get blatantly ripped apart by copyright trolls, commit politial attacks, etc

P_Bomb32d ago

I know right? I know Angry Joe’s been hit a few times, even by showing flashback clips of his own stuff, lol.

meganick32d ago

Didn’t he used to be Thomas the Train before the Mandela Effect?

P_Bomb32d ago

lmao! I was thinking the same thing.