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Once again, Insomniac promises and it delivers with Resistance 2. Although its campaign has some plot twists that are mind-boggling, and there's no pretense that the ending is a bonafide cliffhanger, it's engaging, even if the narrative fails to explain some of the big story hooks. Competitive multiplayer is bigger and more brutal than its predecessor. Most importantly, co-op multiplayer is an absolute joy to play.

Ultimately, however, it's the role-playing elements, such as experience points, that really enrich it. It's an FPS that accomplishes the rare feat of being both rock-hard and rewarding. There's still room for a few surprises, but right now, there aren't many shooters this year that can stand up to Resistance 2.

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VsAssassin4026d ago

I'm really gonna buy this game when it comes out. I wonder when the Philppines will have it?

arika4026d ago

i like the last sentence on the review which states "There's still room for a few surprises, but right now, there aren't many shooters this year that can stand up to Resistance 2". SWEET!

Socom4026d ago

The game is sick in everyway. And leaves gears at war 1.1 totally in the dust no matter what these rigged reviews and biased reviewers say.

These biased reviewers need to open their eyes. People arent blind and consumers arent STUPID.

60 player > 5 player
8 player coop > 4 player coop
Real 300 feet free roaming bosses > fake 200 feet bosses that you only fight 10 feet of it.
R2 graphics > GeOW2 graphics
R2 has 40-50 enemies on screen you fight at once, without slowdown.
GeOW2 has the same old 3-4 enemies on screen at once.

el_bandito4026d ago

It's not the perfect shooter, but this sequel just blew me out of the water compared to the 1st one.

4026d ago
4026d ago
Danja4026d ago

I bet you also think that the 360 is the greatest console ever built also huh ?

ne ways stick to ur laggy 5 vs 5 online play while I'll enjoy 30 vs 30 and 8 player co-op without experiencing ne LAG what so ever .

Socom4026d ago

"An incredible average of 95% vs. 89%."

>> Are you being deliberately dumb? Gears of war 1.1s average is 9.2 even on the precious biased site called Metacritics.

4026d ago
Socom4026d ago

LBP: 9.6 second highest meta
Gears of war 1.1: already down to 9.2
Resistance 2: 9
WipeOut: 9
Valkyria: 9
Motorstorm: 8

3 warranty expires this month. Truth hurts, dont it.

Aquanox4026d ago

Resistance 2 has fallen below the 90s in Metacritic.

Largely surpassed by Gears of War 2 and now below Fable 2 too, which is at 90.

Insomniac has the hardest mission of all Sony studios: Compete with Epic.

jollygoodchap84026d ago

You do know Fable 2 is not a 90 it's under 90 now.

Unless you deliberately overlooked that for the sake of fanboy squabble.

Anyway just correcting you.

Aquanox4026d ago

The must have added a new low review recently. It was in the 90s just yesterday.

Anyways, the fact still remains that once again, Gears of War 2 has taken the shooter crown of this year, and by a long shot this time.

hulk_bash19874026d ago

Be that as it may, it doesnt change the fact that Resistance is a great shooter that I believe holds its own against the competition. Dont get me wrong i enjoyed the 1st gears and odds are im gonna enjoy Gears 2 but that doesnt take away anything from resistance 2.

olivia4026d ago

omg those new gameplay vids look amazing talk about scale,and what a sweet review can't wait to get this game and play and my sony brivia full hd tv,it's gonna be intense

Cryos4025d ago

I just picked up my copy of the collector's edition tonight. Haven't gotten to play the campaign yet. But here's what I'm already missing...

Had my buddies over, and apparently you can't play 4 player co-op offline. only 2 at a time :o( bummer.

Also, can't play 2 player campaign as in the first game....

And worse of all......

I can't have my buddies over and play offline deathmatch.

_____________________________ _________________________

I still can't wait to play the campaign, but those features kept me playing the game today. Just this past weekend my buddies were over playing deathmatch and we were all psyched to play it on the new game.

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Daz4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

cant wait, oreded it from gamestop because i have to wait till the 28 otherwise:P

Shaka2K64026d ago

Insomniac delivers a true sequel unlike failepic tears of war 1.5 is so boring and linear dont even get me started about the stupid AI and dumb story ect.

Maxned4026d ago

People like you ruin N4G

PopEmUp4026d ago

people like you that the whole reason why you had only 1 bubble

olivia4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

those new gameplay vids looks amazing,talk about scale.and what a sweet review,can't wait to play this on my sony brivia full hd's gonna be intense can't wait,the ps3 true start ..start with resistance 2 so happy to own a ps3.i own the backwards compatable 80 ps3 with one game mgs4,six demo's and warhawk,all i play is warhawk with just one game i have so much fun with my ps3,not theirs isn't games out it because i can't afford them right now.but the hell with buget all the games sony have coming out, i can't (resist)..thats why i'am getting (resistane2)

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