Days Gone: The Kotaku Review

It’s worthwhile to think about the number of people around you who are waiting for the world to end. There are people who must do it for a living: government employees who specialize in disaster relief and crisis response, civil engineers, military personnel—people who must imagine the end to make sure it never comes. But there are others: Fundamentalist evangelicals waiting for a rapture. Libertarian preppers who shun government and pride themselves on self-sufficiency. Conspiracy theorists and internet nihilists. Anyone remotely concerned with the future of the planet.

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TeamIcoFan790d ago

Welp, Sony's 1st party was bound to put out a crappy game eventually, can't stay on top forever.

OpenGL790d ago

Shame but I'm still going to check it out despite the lackluster reviews. The Order was also not a good game but it had some interesting elements, I suspect this will be similar. Supposed to look pretty good on PS4 Pro in HDR which is a plus.

Livingthedream790d ago

Wait for a discount, if sales are minimal, they'll drop the price

DaDrunkenJester790d ago

A 72 is hardly a "crappy game".

opc790d ago

On it's own 72 is not crappy. In a market saturated with fantastic titles competing for our attention, 72 is relatively crappy.

It's similar to TV. There are so many amazing shows that it's hard to find the time for something that is merely good.

DaDrunkenJester790d ago


If you only play or watch "fantastic" titles then you must miss out on a lot of good stuff.

Livingthedream790d ago

@dadrunienjester I agree with you, but from what I've seen most non playstation sites are scoring it well below a 7, it seems ps fan sites are giving it the better scores

Chumdiddy790d ago

No but an exclusive AAA title is for a company when it's a 72. You can't always hit it out of the park and Sony has been on a roll lately but a 72 is bad for Sony. It'll struggle to recoup the cost of development.

Then again, GOW, U4 and many others more than surpassed it so it's a minor setback.

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Thundercat77790d ago

An average score of 7 is a crappy game?

Obviously you don't know what you are talking about.

JackBNimble790d ago

Plenty of other crap reviews , 72 is one of the higher scores. This is why I don't buy day one for most titles.

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rainslacker790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

So, based on the average meta rating, a crap game from Sony, is just an average game to every other publisher?

That's a good position to be in for any publisher IMO. Knowing that even if the game is crap by Sony standards, it's still average by everyone else's.

Makes you wonder how Sony got to the point where everyone expects so much more from them....although it's not that hard to figure out.

Ceaser9857361790d ago


"Welp, Sony's 1st party was bound to put out a crappy game eventually, can't stay on top forever.'

So looks like you are happy about it?? What a salty person lmao.. I am sure you will be disappointed when LOU2 drops and Sony back again with High score...

TeamIcoFan790d ago

Well you got the salty part right, I'm a pretty salty motherfucker any time a game company fucks up.
But better to be that than some retard who'll happily smile like a fucking idiot when said company delivers them shit.

Ceaser9857361790d ago

So you expect everything to be perfect isn't it?? No wonder you are what you say... and calling something shit doesn't mean its the same for everyone ... Yes! Days Gone aint upto mark but shit or ugly.. Hell no!

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DrumBeat790d ago

"You'll like your name a lot more after people call you 'Deek' for 30 hours"

Generic open-world survival, name-brand zombies.

Thrilling zombie horde encounters, finally getting to see the Pacific Northwest for myself.

Bugs, a bland story, lots of overly familiar gameplay.

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