Days Gone 2 Could Have Released 'a Month Ago', Says Game Director

Jeff Ross Tweets: "I get a little bummed out from these #PlayStationShowcase shows because they only remind me we could of had Days Gone 2 out a month ago if we'd have just stuck to our guns."

Sonic18816d ago

If Shawn Layden was still the CEO, he might be right 🤔

_SilverHawk_6d ago

Days gone was an amazing game but got destroyed in reviews because it had a few flaws but a lot of games I've seen getting very high scores had the same flaws or worse. Days gone should have been a lot more successful and it sucks that a lot of games get low review scores when they are very good games. Reviewers often times suck at playing games or wish games were like other games they like

SullysCigar6d ago

^ "gruff white male, toxic masculinity - 5/10"

There were, of course, genuine criticisms, too. There were awful technical issues at launch, that were fixed a few weeks later. Reviewers didn't keep that energy for other games with technical issues before or since, though, which always struck me as odd.

For anyone still curious or that skipped it at the time due to the backlash, it works very nicely on PS5 (free upgrade) and is a great game!

Petebloodyonion6d ago (Edited 5d ago )

the game was destroyed because of the Pygmalion effect.
The majority of media already made their reviews in mind the moment they saw the game trailer and any small flaws basically confirmed that the game could be average at best.

Heck we had the next day of reveal
: another zombie game
: Another white male protagonist
: We see again the Playstation/Ubisoft formula of open-world game

and any previews you saw convey the emotion of I'm not really interested in learning about the game.

You know the same feeling you see when you read a Ubisoft game score 8/10 review but the conclusion still seems like great game but you should wait for a discount.

TGGJustin5d ago

Amazing that reviewers were allowed to complain about "another white male protagonist" but if you say anything about all of these games now having a female or black female lead then apparently you're a shitty person. It's honestly absurd how many of them have them. Like the industry doesn't know how to have a good balance so they just flipped it completely the other way.

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jznrpg5d ago

It would be a multiplayer game.

SlothLordPootus4d ago

I liked Days Gone, but it was a 7.5/10, even after the bugs were fixed. I think a sequel had tons of potential, especially with the secret ending, but i also understand why it was canned.

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ApocalypseShadow6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Push square is pushing some BS all over. Second attack article. There a lot of games that could have released by now. Director needs to shut his mouth. And no I'm not reading your articles to give any clicks.

Anyone disappointed with all those games shown needs to turn in their gamer card. If the new game turns out to be more awesome than Days Gone, then what?

oIMyersIo6d ago

Complaining about an article whilst not actually reading the article?

Makes sense.

EvertonFC5d ago

its "pushsquare" who reads there shite.

CrimsonWing695d ago

I mean, this is N4G, it’s how we do!

Asplundh5d ago

How is it an attack article? You just don't like hearing the smallest of criticism of Sony.

ApocalypseShadow5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Serious question, was Sony wrong to greenlight Horizon over another Killzone? I liked Killzone. Horizon ended up being more awesome. I liked Infamous. Sony green lit Ghost of Tsushima. It's actually more awesome. Was Sony wrong in greenlighting TLofU over another Uncharted?

How about we wait to see their new game previewed, reviewed and played by gamers before marching with pitchforks at Sony's doorstep.

And no, I don't read push square because they suck.

Asplundh5d ago

They're not marching with pitchforks, the director is just passionate about his creation and regrets not being able to do more with the Ip.

shinoff21835d ago

A days gone 2 would've been better then most of what was shown yesterday imo. The director can say whatever he wants

Obscure_Observer5d ago


"Push square is pushing some BS all over. Second attack article."

The showcase was stinking garbage as far first party game is concerned. Both articles from Pushsquare regards first party games! They´re a pro Playstation site making valid criticism due worldwide disappointment with Sony´s latest presentation.

You´re the one trying your best to sugarcoat Sony´s mess of a show!

Whatever happened with all that "When Playstation screws up, we´ll raise our voice and demand better" rhetoric. Smdh.

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potatoseal6d ago

Man I loved Days Gone so much. Finished it 3 times. Out of anything Sony has ever done, I would say the announcement that Days Gone 2 was denied actually hurt the most. Out of anything they've ever done, ever.

tay87016d ago

To each their own. It was probably one of the more disappointing playstation 1st party games in the past decade for me. I was so hyped for it when they first revealed it. It certainly wasn't a polished game at release.

potatoseal6d ago

I actually don't remember getting any bugs. But I do remember frame rate drops. But that has never been a big deal breaker for me.

shinoff21835d ago

I played it a year or so after buying it day one. Life got me. It was fun as hell and I don't recall bugs but it was clean. If people playing redfall I imagine days gone wasn't as bad as that

crazyCoconuts6d ago

I also REALLY liked it. Great story and memorable characters. And the number of zombies on the map...jeez, it was incredible

SmielmaN5d ago

The game was a great open world, crazy zombie game. Also played through multiple times with my boy. We want to know what happened with O’Brien at the end and where it was going next.

If the lead character was a woman looking for her wife it would have got 10’s.

dumahim5d ago

Memorable, but for me, memorable for the wrong reasons.

shinoff21835d ago

If days gone 2 was truly gonna be multi-player I'm alright with it happening. If it wasn't then I'm kinda pissed. Fk those reviewers it was a fantastic game

Chittlins5d ago

This was one of my favourite games ever. I was devastated when they knocked back the second one. I still don't quite understand, I never experienced any major bugs and my friends that game also highly rated it. I think there was certainly some wokeness in the review scores.

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Crows906d ago

This guy is quite funny at this point. You sounds like a broken record they really hurt him. However, I don't disagree it would be awesome to have a days gone 2

Obscure_Observer5d ago

"This guy is quite funny at this point. You sounds like a broken record they really hurt him."

You can add David Jaffe and Shawn Layden in that list.

Crows905d ago

Geez. What did they do to you?

Obscure_Observer5d ago


"Geez. What did they do to you?"

To me? Nothing. Fact is that they´re always taking shot at Sony´s current leadership. Some will be more discreet like Layden while others like Ross and Jaffe will be more vocal about it.

It is what it is.