Sony's Surprise PS5 Reveal Was a Stroke of Genius

PushSquare: “I think today’s story was targeted at investors, as the organisation attempts to reassure stockholders that it’s been busy behind-the-scenes. But in moving first in such a dramatic way, it’s stolen Microsoft’s thunder once more – buzzwords like SSD and ray tracing are now associated with the PS5, and will be greeted with little more than a shake of the shoulders when they’re inevitably announced for the next Xbox as well. It’s nice to know that this company is still as wily as it's always been.”

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crazyCoconuts1868d ago

I agree it stole MS thunder without really revealing much. MS shouldn't take the bait and they should stay mum until they're closer to reveal, but that's not really their MO...

Vasto1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

LOL, stole MS thunder?

Everybody knew PS5 in development and the specs they shared are exactly what was rumored. What was suprising about it? Microsoft are going to take the stage at E3 and talk about their system while Sony released an article on the web? I think this is the first other article I have seen today even talking about it. LMAO


Enjoy your announcement of what we already knew that really got no hype. We got E3 to look forward to!

Skuletor1868d ago

"Wait, til E3" We hear that every year it seems

Blastoise1868d ago

It's pretty obvious this isn't the big PS5 reveal so I don't know why you're acting as if it is.

Do you really think this is Sony's version of the massive PS4 reveal event they did in 2013?

Eonjay1868d ago

You know the most interesting part of Mark's interview is that he said dev fits are already out there. This means that the 14TFlops leak 2 days ago might be right.

I feel like Sony did good by getting the specs out early. It's a monster as is.

There is nothing more Microsoft can offer to upstage it.

Super fast SSD
Ryzen 2 (aka Ryzen 2rd Gen) eight core.
Backwards Compatible
Navi custom
8k confirmed

What more else could Microsoft offer?

Vasto1868d ago

"buzzwords like SSD and ray tracing are now associated with the PS5,"

That part is the funniest of the whole thing. LOL


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Sophisticated_Chap1868d ago

@ Eonjay

The latest RTX 2080TI can't even do 8k, and even if it could, all game settings would be on the lowest possible settings to get any game to run at anything over 20 FPS. Not to mention, that the RTX 2080TI has 13.45 TFLOPS, and costs $1,300.00 USD and up. Even the Radeon VII with 13.44 TFLOPS costs $679.00 USD and up. People need to do some research and start using their brains. The only way the PS5 does 8K, is with movie playback, similar to how the Xbox One S can do 4K movie playback, but as far as 8K gaming goes, there's no way.

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crazyCoconuts1868d ago

Yea stole their thunder as in: what are they going to announce at e3 that will top this?

Ceaser98573611868d ago


"buzzwords like SSD and ray tracing are now associated with the PS5,"

That part is the funniest of the whole thing. LOL



Are you being salty and trying to feel better ??
Speaking of Desperation well reminds me of what MS does with Xbox...

KwietStorm_BLM1868d ago

Sony didn't release an article on the web. Wired did an interview with Mark Cerny at their facility. If it got no hype, then why all these articles that you spoke of? Even CNN reported on it. Why so offended?

Muzikguy1868d ago


You ain't lyin'! Anytime I hear that now I laugh inside

mkis0071868d ago

Got no hype. Every site is talking about it. And everyone is trying to explain the ssd without knowing how it is customized. Thats hype.

NarutoFox1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Desperation you say? Last time I checked Microsoft hasn't released anything better than Halo in over a decade. I think Microsoft is in desperation mode for exclusives. I guess they'll keep on milking the big three. Halo, Gears, and Forza. At this point Microsoft needs to put focus on better first party exclusives than hardware.

100_SavAGe1868d ago

Lol bruh I can sense your salt levels from way over here lmao you sound worried my guy 😭

Livingthedream1868d ago

This is the first I hear about it. If they had shown gameplay I think that would have done it. Theres no thunder to steal, E3 isn't here yet, and by the time E3 arrives this will be old news.

JackBNimble1868d ago

Mark gave us a little teaser taste , I'm willing to bet that when the official ps5 reveal finally comes , it will blow MS socks off.

Jin_Sakai1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


“Enjoy your announcement of what we already knew that really got no hype. We got E3 to look forward to!“

And we have Days Gone, The Last of Us: Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding to look forward to. Enjoy your show. Lol

Dark_Knightmare21868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Lol got no hype come on fanboy be better. It’s been on every major gaming website with the comment sections filled with hundreds and in some cases thousands of comments,it’s got numerous different threads on resetera,was all over Facebook and twitter and was on huge broadcast news networks like CNN,BBC etc. Don worry MS will announce their plans in two months and you can go to comments talking about how it’s the greatest thing ever and has hype everywhere

Dark_Knightmare21868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Your other comment down below where you say “it’s funny the article said those buzzwords are associated with the new ps console”is funny because of your denial and it’s absolutely true. When MS announces their next system and the specs are similar people are going to be just like cool so the same as ps5

Harkins17211868d ago

The rumored specs aren't the same. Sony can just show their SoP and do the same as MS which is fine. They both have their own ways

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SurgicalMenace1868d ago

E3 is a platform the same as any other, so how is this not a viable means to confirm the rumored? Everyone doesn't need E3, Sony is not the only company bowing out. Did those other companies realize the same thing that Sony did?

badz1491867d ago


desperation? LOL

your comment is the definition of desperation for attention and wanna know another desperation, Xbone SAD!

Father__Merrin1867d ago

There's no need to look forward to E3. All games are on pc fingers crossed I get a vega 56 in July so il be set for xbox exclusives

ILostMyMind1867d ago

"Microsoft are going to take the stage at E3 and talk about their system while Sony released an article on the web?"

And will you be at E3 to see MS announcements or will you see them through an article on the web?

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Knushwood Butt1867d ago

'Enjoy your announcement of what we already knew that really got no hype. We got E3 to look forward to!'.

Well, your wait shouldn't be so bad; I hear there's a big Sea of Thieves update, or something.

frostypants1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

No, not everyone knew they'd be using a bleeding edge SSD tech that hasn't even hit the PC market yet.

averagejoe261867d ago

I can't wait for Microsoft's E3 to be filled with multiplats again.

It'll show us all the games we'll be playing on PS4 next year.

rainslacker1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

I'm sure MS will get plenty of press when they reveal the X2. It's more interesting than the X1/X1X to be honest, as those are pretty much dead in the water. About the best I've seen of late is some vain attempts to say how great MS is going to be in the future based on services, and not the actual hardware itself.

But to say Sony is desperate....that's a stretch. They haven't been desperate all gen, and haven't really reacted to anything MS has done. The closest reaction they've gotten is adding downloads to PSNow for PS4 games, and I doubt they did that as desperation, but just implementing a plan they thought would drive subs to the service based on MS getting subs to their service. But the difference is, Sony isn't dropping the price down to a buck a month or so to really make a big deal about it. They implemented the feature, and then pretty much let it be except if you go seeking it out.

What Sony is doing now isn't an act of desperation, it's an act of forcing MS hand to do more at E3. Once again have them have to talk about next gen, while MS once again has to ignore their customers this gen. Something they've done willingly up to now, but now they don't really have much choice. Sony's action is helping to sew the seeds of doubt in the Xbox consumer, as it can push towards the belief that MS doesn't care enough to really support it's consoles.