The Discord Surrounding Anthem (In Reference To Kotaku's Article)

Germ's Gaming says: "No matter how good Anthem is or becomes, it seems to me that the internet will still hate it because it's EA and it's not the Bioware they expected or remember.

At the very least, I was able to enjoy the time I played very much. "

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Alek831640d ago

False. People hate it because it is a loot shooter with uninspired, junk loot, a crap story (this is only chapter 1), bugs and terrible scaling.

This game is bad and both Bioware and EA should feel bad for releasing it in such a state .

TheHan1639d ago

I bought the game and got to master work level. The game is good but with the broken loot system and some bugs that compromises gameplay they need to iron out these issues and people will come back. The graphics are good the gameplay is solid. I had a lot of fun playing the game but I don’t play it anymore do to the issues it has. But once these issues gets fixed I’ll be back playing more with my friends. For the time being I’m loving the Division 2

AK911639d ago

Game was released far too early it needed 6-8 months at least.

Germaximus1639d ago

For sure but it's still a good game.

Germaximus1638d ago

Dang, totally forgot to add this to the description.

"Through the tragedy of Anthem's development, the developers were able to launch a decent game. One that I have no problem calling "awesome", or "great", and even "amazing." With all of the comparisons out there to other games, Anthem is special."


Worst Big Budget Games

GF365: "Among all the well-received and beloved video games, there are some that are horrendous. Here are our picks for the worst big budget games released since 2010."

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banger88266d ago

What a shitty f***** list! Most of the games on it were great fun. Bullshit list.

chantii_mmohaven265d ago

yep this is truly a b*tthurt list :/

MadLad265d ago

I think the only one I agreed on was Anthem, and even that isn't horrendous.

Knushwood Butt266d ago

Anthem; I'd forgotten that game existed. I remember thinking the trailer was BS though; turns out I was right.

Cueil264d ago

the game wasn't bad though

RavenWolfx265d ago

"Worst big budget games" and immediately lists Genshin Impact, a game that has $4 billion in revenue.

blackblades265d ago

$3 billion and counting along with alot of users. I disagree with that being on the list. This list is just a person opinion without merit

monkey602265d ago

I havent played Genshin Impact and Mafia 3 was alright. The rest though I kind of agree with.
I loved the 1st Kane and Lynch and I could not understand how the 2nd game was as bad as it was.

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PlayStation Summer Sale Gets Even Bigger

The PlayStation Summer sale expands with a load of new discounts.

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Aloymetal790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

Including indies I’ve bought like more than 20 games, good deals all around.

P_Bomb790d ago

I’ve overindulged too! Gonna pump the brakes on this next round. Unless there’s a PS+ discount. Need a cheap sub for my kid so I’m not always changing primaries.

solideagle790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

could you please suggest good indie games (which are on sale)? I love JRPGs or action RPGs but I can play almost any genre e.g. Transistor is £3.74 which I think is a steal :)

shinoff2183790d ago

Check out earthlock. Its pretty good

Old school jrpg try cosmic star heroine I really like that one

Aloymetal790d ago

Disco elysium, man eater, inside, limbo
Dead cells, observer, to name a few

LoveSpuds789d ago

Don't sleep on Darkest Dungeon, Child of Morta or Spiritfarer.

Although it won't be on sale, the best indie I have ever played is release in a week or so, it may be 20 quid but you have to play Hades.

GhostofHorizon790d ago

Told my partner to stop me from browsing. We'll see how that goes, the first part of the sale already got me.

ElvisHuxley790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

Anthem 85% off? Thought they went free to play. Has the game gotten any better?
Edit-Nvm, it's Europe anyway.

Hellcat2020790d ago

The second phase of sales is for all regions
It's just not yet showing up in the ps store