Why MGS4 Was Disappointing..

Solid series. Metal Gear Solid has a great blend of action, stealth, and story telling. Among that it has some of the best graphics we have ever seen and the best voice acting you can ever find in a game. Metal Gear Solid is my favorite series of all time, and now after playing four, I wish I have had less hopes for the game. Before you people trash me, the game is great, but just doesn't fit the Metal Gear standards..

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LightningPS3PS34035d ago

Because it didn't have any drama in the story. Case closed

Capital G4035d ago

this might also have been the reason why it flopped in sales for such a highly rated exclusive

personally the short singleplayer and poor excuse for online multiplayer killed the hole experience for me

mikeslemonade4035d ago

MGS4 was the reason why PS3 outsold 360 in Q2. It sold systems that all that matters.

As far as the game goes i'm going to shock everyone and say yea I was dissapointed because MGS3 is secretly the best MGS game. MGS3 surpasses MGS4 with the bosses, the story, and the music. Also the camo system was much better because it let you figure out what camo was good. It doesn't hand feed you by changing the camo every 3 seconds.

ultimolu4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

...That's a joke, right?

And Capital G...if MGS4 did flop, then why oh why did the PS3 single-handedly outsold the 360?

Yeah, sure.

Danja4035d ago

Short single player experience ? well considering this game is about 20 hrs without including cut-scenes i' d say that pretty good comparing to the length of most games these days..

I can list a bunch of big exclusive games that barely managed to clock 7 hrs into the single player campaign im looking at you (Halo 3 and Gears)

ne ways this is an epic game and certainly the best game i've played all year , the online part wasn't so hot , but who bought the game just for online ne ways ?

Pain4035d ago

bubbles for that~ oOooOoo

Man_of_the_year4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

HAHAHA more than 20 hours without cutscenes...did you even play the game...i finished it in 18 hours, first play through and 9+ of that was the cutscenes, which means i finished it in about 9 hours - my second time through i finished it in 6 hours and i have already posted a link to people who have finished the game in under 4 hours...let me see if i can find the youtube link....

Ah here it is...

Funny how MGS4 is on a 50 gig blu-ray and yet the game can be finished in under 4 hours...while other games on a 9 gig DVD takes about what...7 hours on easy like you say...

Your comments fail like Zap Branigan's love...HArd and Fast

This "game" deserved no more than an 8/10 as it was hardly a game at all...However i heard that MGS4 is up for an Oscar.

Danja4035d ago

Yes I did play the game dude !!

and not everyone likes to rush play through a game just to see how fast they can actually finish it...

incogneato4035d ago

Why MGS4 Was Disappointing: So I can get traffic to my site by posting this on N4G

iHEARTboobs4035d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

@lightningPS3: It didn't have any drama in the story? What the hell were you playing?!

@capital G: It flopped? What game did it tear up that month? Oh yeah, NG2.

Anyhow, this guy didn't like it. Who cares, i loved it and so did countless others.

pansenbaer4034d ago

Agree with you Danja. My first playthrough was about 35 hours watching every single cutscene and codec conversation. Obviously it can be played through in a lot less. You need less than 5 hours for the Big Boss emblem, which I got. I am on my seventh playthrough and I have yet to be bored. But to each his own, I suppose.

ocalot2k54034d ago

Those cutscenes...are they part of the game? I wondere. Or maybe tell me if you've seen someone go through the whole game for the first time and beat it under 10 hours let alone 4? POINT: IF you map out a game....any LINEAR can beat it in less than the actually time. And yes mgs4 is a point a to b game but with things you can do in between

Man_of_the_year4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Your post said that its 20 hours...but the game is not 20 hours. it is 4 straight through. That is pathetic even for a game if you just run through.

I agree that not everyone will just try and rush through it, but show me a game (don't just tell me but show me) that is atleast an 80 on metacritic that can be completed in in under 4 hours.

Its funny how i got a disagree on my first post and i even posted visual the denial in some people is really set deep within them...

This game was way over rated. Great Movie. Terrible game.

kornbeaner4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I can get through CoD4 in under 4 hours if I rush through it. So I guess that game is a flop as well huh?

Also Do you know how long people have to practice to get through MGS4 in under 4 hours? I know somebody who did it in under 5 hours, but it took him about 20 hours to get that done, cause he kept fvcking up.

So go troll somewhere else.

Man_of_the_year4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Better read what i requested - i said show me don't tell me....I gave you visual proof - heck i will even accept a link to a site that talks about being able to complete COD4 in 5 me don't tell me because i won't believe the lies of a Sony Fanboy. And even if it was only 5-6 hours on easy straight through its still only on a DVD 9 not a 50 gig blu-ray.

If you cannot produce proof than i will assume you of are the ignorant kind and just think that Level headed people will just believe the Crap that you say is fact.

And who is trolling - look at the title of the article...i am agreeing with the statements made by the writer of the article...

You really are on the lower side of the IQ spectrum.

Aclay4034d ago

@ Capital G,

You think that MGS4 flopped in sales?

When MGS4 came out, the PS3's installbase was probably somewhere around 15 Million and so far MGS4 has sold 3-4 Million copies.

Do you realize that MGS3 didn't even sell 4 million copies and the PS2's installbase was probably near 100 million or over 100 million whenever that game came out?

MGS4 has sold considerably well so far considering the PS3's much smaller installbase and as the PS3's price drops and as more people are able to afford a PS3, I see MGS4 selling even more.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is not a "mainstream" game that everyone can just pick up and play. I don't give a damn if MGS4 doesn't sell more than Halo 3 because MGS4 is a game for the TRUE FANS of the series... MGS4 is a game that has it's own niche audience and the game has sold well and it's one of the greatest games of this generation so far.

I think it's really stupid how Xbox 360 fanboys measure the greatness of a game based on sales.... ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are considered just a few of the greatest PS2 games, but ICO didn't even sell over a million. Shadow of the Colossus did sell much more than ICO did and I know that it sold over a million, but you can't base everything just on sales.

Homicide4034d ago

MGS4 was disappointing. I'm a metal gear fan, and this game was just blah! The story wasn't good until Act III. Its too actiony. It's suppose to be a stealth game. This isn't the Metal Gear Solid I fell in love with. Also the AI is stupid, even on solid normal. Also, there were a lot of useless cutscenes like the wedding one.

kwicksandz4034d ago

I have finished the game and the only way i think you could have gotten 20 hours out of it was leaving it on pause all night.

JsonHenry4034d ago

At the idiot above that said it helped outsell 360 and that is all that matters should die a horrible death and rot in a gutter.

If a game falls short (IMO MGS4 fell way short of previous MGS games) then it sucks for us, the gamers. I am NOT in sony's pocket and am not sold on a game just because it helped pushed consoles. I want games that are good. Not a game that was sub par and had more movie than gameplay.

Take your fanboyism to the open section please.

littletad4034d ago

No way was MGS4 20 hours. I played it and ran every cut scene without skipping. Total play time was 10 hours, rounded off. And I didn't rush either. And Big Boss Extreme was beaten in 13 hours. So... 20 hours is kinda odd.

Danja4034d ago

Well it took me 20 hrs on Big Boss Extreme , while trying to unlock Big Boss Emblem...

not everyone will get the same play through time , so to say my time sounds odd is just foolish.

it was 20 hrs well spent I bought the game and I got the most bang for my buck .....whats the sense of rushing through the game and not seeing everything it has to offer.

ReservoirDog3164034d ago

To say that it didn't have any drama in the story is ridiculous. Just look at all of Act 4 and the microwave corridor in Act 5.

The only bad thing I can say about MGS4 was that the controls made the game kinda easy if you get caught. Like in MGS3, you had to struggle to fight off everyone if you got caught because of the controls. But in MGS4, it was to easy to get headshots for just about everyone you came across without any repercussions.

Of course that problem is solved if you just limit yourself to about 3 clips of your handgun without a silencer for the whole act. That really makes you work harder to not get caught because you know you probably won't survive the fight.

Also, you stop fearing the gekko after Act 2 because you learn that it just takes a headshot to kill it. I really didn't like that because I wanted a long fight every time a gekko spots you.

Tarasque4034d ago

Actually the very first play through for me was right at 10 hours total time played. I skipped every cut scene besides 2 i think, and its kinda retarded that you can run through the map and load the next section and skip that entire section. What kinda retarded game design is that.

mindedone4034d ago

I believe there is an Achievement/Trophy for GTAIV for finishing the game under a half hour. I think it is considered a AAA game.

ape0074034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I think mgs 3 was much better,sure mgs 4 has high production values to the roof but the cutscene-gameplay ration wasn't balanced

there are many many cutscenes in the game and codec talks,

mgs 3 was more epic than 4.the gameplay parts in mgs3 were outstanding,while mgs 4 has some disappointments.act 1 and 2 were amazing but 3,4 and 5 has more cutscenes than actually playing(especially act 5) and the boss fights in mgs 4 can't touch those epic fights in mgs 3

mgs 3 was much longer game(gameplay time,in mgs 3 I remember I played way more than watching,in mgs4,I feel like I watched more than I played tbh

you know I finished mgs 4 for the second time skipping the movies and believe it or not the game ends in less than 3 hrs and 22 min on solid normal

jaysquared4034d ago

Its kind of hard to argue with PS3 fans who say MGS4 was disappointing. Sounds like 360 fans isn't missing much for now.

JoySticksFTW4034d ago

MGS4 is as long or short a you want it to be.

I play it stealthy, constantly crawling and sneaking and I didn't bumrush bosses my first playthrough. I hid and let them come to me, while waiting for my perfect opening to strike. So my 1st playthrough is over 20 hrs without the cut scenes.

Super Mario Bros can be completed under 5 minutes. I guess that's flop, sorry excuse for a game as well

trolls, gotta love 'em :D

FCC4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

"...That's a joke, right?

And Capital G...if MGS4 did flop, then why oh why did the PS3 single-handedly outsold the 360?

Yeah, sure."

The PS3 didn't "single-handedly" outsell the 360... It got help from MGS4. Some people might think it's a flop because people have said that the game will bury the 360 but it only put 200 000 consoles over the 360. Me personally think it was a satisfying game when I was PLAYING it.

I've played the MGS series since the PSX days, up to MGS3. I've also played the Splinter Cell series from the Xbox up to now with the somewhat disappointing DA. I love espionage games.

The best MGS game so far was MGS2 in terms of story... The MGS4 story is so convoluted and cliched that it was ridiculous. Maybe if I was immersed into the game, I'd enjoy the game enough to like watching the 90 minute cutscene. I watched a good amount of that cutscene but damn, it was unbearable that I skipped a little over half way through. The one cutscene with Meryl was the right amount of time for MGS even though it was 8 minutes.

MGS4 wasn't a disappointment for me... Just kind of cheesy. Plot twists don't make a story good... There was a plot twist every other cutscene in MGS4 that I just kind of lost it.

Disagree away because I didn't like every bit of MGS4, I know you guys are going to anyways. Can't really disagree with an opinion.


"I believe there is an Achievement/Trophy for GTAIV for finishing the game under a half hour. I think it is considered a AAA game."

It's I think under 20hrs or something, definitely not 30 minutes... The repetitive chase missions prevent a 30 minute game.

Ren4034d ago


OMG , you are the best MGS player ever , there are 9+ of cutscenes(9:15-9:30 most likely) yet you managed to do it in 10h , you finished the game in 40m , *bows* you are my hero.

It took me 24h to finish the game on my 1st playthrough , wich is about 15h of gameplay , i finished Gears of War faster than that cutscenes included(even though there are few).

Im on my 25th playthrough , so along with MGO i have probably clocked over 200h on this game.

calis4034d ago

Average reviews are around mid to high 9s (per metacritic)
It has sold 3 - 4 million and pushed PS3s.

That is proof it isn't a flop.

Now whether people didn't like it is another story, but it certainly isn't a flop.

bouncybullet4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I too played for about 11 hours.

watched for 9.

Thats pretty lame.

Also, it's very hard for me to belive that you're on your 25th playthrough. Because only the biggest loser in the world would sit through those bullsh*t installs between EVERY CHAPTER, EVERY TIME YOU PLAY THEM.

not just once, every time.

I will never play it again because of that reason alone.

calis4034d ago

Only the biggest loser in the world would assume what people do with their time and assume they are right and others are wrong.

If he is on his 25th playthrough, good for him. Who are you to tell him he is a loser for installing the game?

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Fishy Fingers4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Whaaa? For a game he was disappointed by, he seems to have a lot of good things to say about it. Only "doesn’t fit the Metal Gear standards.", that's the disappointment? Ok....

Another high quality blog post....

The Matrix4035d ago

Snake eater was my favorite.

johover1124034d ago

Metal gear solid 4 was my favorite, then comes Metal gear solid 2, but i hate articles like this. Just like GTA4, some ass makes a article like "10 things i hate about gta4" or "5 top worst reasons" after months of the game's release. just stupid, watch in about 4 months someone is going to write "5 reasons Resistance 2 sucks" that time NO ONE WOULD CARE!

Sevir044034d ago

i would have given him props for having the balls to say that about the game just days after it came out. but this is 5 months late and way too opinionated and false. In other words this game flew over his head and he didn't even catch it until just now... his site must be low on traffic, and i'm sure some xbox fankids needed to rile up some PS3 fans with all the positive PS3 games news and PWNAGE they've been giving to the xbox fankids here on N4G? so here we have a classic case of PS3 hate/MGS4 hate because the game is On PS3 exclusively...

PS3 fans laugh it up, this is simply hilarious... The xbox fankids have to find blog post about a game that release 5 months ago to feel good... it's nothing to see people, Move along. buisness continues as usual

FCC4034d ago

"wow happyface must fof got a happy face when this blog got posted
another fankid shares your negative veiw on the PS3 and it's "exclusive"... the game scored too high for you all to call it a flop, so now you all call fud and say the game sold low... whatever makes that happyface of yours...

i'm sure deep down if this game was announced and release on the 360 you'd be happy and get ready to play it and call it the second coming and the end of the PS3... Please please please... i dont know what is more pathetic, the fact that you are a troll and cant even troll with facts or the fact that you troll and dont know what you are trolling about... ----> xbox360 tab."

Hypocrisy x10. How many times have you seen an 360 hate article on the headlines? Twice as much as the PS3 hate articles. You're way off topic, and you're probably a troll to boot. The Open Zone tab is for both PS3 owners and 360 owners that decide to be childish. I see way more PS3 owners in there...


There's probably more, they way outnumber 360 fanboys in there.

The Lazy One4034d ago

MGS1 had the best story, MGS3 had the best gameplay, and I would not buy MGS4 if it were released on the xbox 360.

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Kain814035d ago

Kojima brought us a MASTERPIECE.

happyface4035d ago

it was a master piece of something....

If it was so good why were the sells so low?

why does NO ONE play MGO?

TheColbertinator4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )


I still play MGO.In fact I enjoy it more than MGS4 since its all action .As for why less people play it,check out the Konami forums complaining about Konami ID's.If Konami got rid of that,more people would be playing today MGO where it should be,on PSN.

Also games dont have to sell to be good.Few people bought Okami and Beyond Good and Evil and yet they were great games.Not only that but games that suck like Carnival Games and Wii Fit are selling more than the best 360 and PS3 games

ocalot2k54035d ago

Are you serious? It sold 3 million in 2 weeks, by now its sold over 4 million copies....its tracking better than mgs3 which might be the better game but only by mgs standards. MGO doesn't have lots of players coz of the konami ID. Hell, even konami anounced its profits jumped to plus 88% due to mgs 4! goodness!

ultimolu4035d ago don't know what you're talking about.
Please stop. >:/

Sevir044034d ago

another fankid shares your negative veiw on the PS3 and it's "exclusive"... the game scored too high for you all to call it a flop, so now you all call fud and say the game sold low... whatever makes that happyface of yours...

i'm sure deep down if this game was announced and release on the 360 you'd be happy and get ready to play it and call it the second coming and the end of the PS3... Please please please... i dont know what is more pathetic, the fact that you are a troll and cant even troll with facts or the fact that you troll and dont know what you are trolling about... ----> xbox360 tab.

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ThatCanadianGuy4035d ago

I don't care what anyone says.Best game i've ever played.
And my personal game of the year.

YogiBear4034d ago

Snake's swan song. To all the Metal Gear fans out there our hero went out with a bang.

badz1494034d ago

I've never played any MGS games before but MGS4 simply blown all the other games I've played my entire life out of the water! for me, MGS4 is the best game ever! and for the haters...I don't care what you wanna say about MGS4 and how it's a dissapointment because I LOVE IT!!

solidsnakus4034d ago

i dont know about you guys but as a MGS fan since MGS1 for ps1 i gotta say that honestly MGS3 was the best one.

ape0074034d ago

100% agreed,am a hardcore mgs fan

finished 1 on ps1 and gc,beat 2 many times,finished 3 a number of times,played the game boy color mgs game,played mgs:po,beat mgs 4

and yes mgs 3 was the best mgs game ever,mgs 4 without a doubt has higher production values and amazing graphics but as a game.mgs 3 all the way

rockleex4034d ago

MGS3 is the best MGS.

Why? You played Big Boss before he was Big Boss. You found out how he became Big Boss. The ending song Star Sailor - Way To Fall fit perfectly with Big Boss's story. Etc etc.

MGS1 is the next best, it WOULD have been first, but the ending didn't leave a feeling as great as 3.

MGS4 is third because although its as awesome as 1, I felt like certain parts of the story and cutscenes were forced because Kojima HAD to answer every little question.

MGS2 is very good also. Unlike most people, I loved the story and Raiden... although he couldn't stand against Snake back then. The reason why its last is because the story is a little confusing and too convoluted.

The ending didn't really explain what happens to Fortune, Olga, Snake, and Liquid. Although Snake later met up with Raiden in the city, it was kind of weird because Snake jumped off of Arsenal to go after Liquid in the Ray. It felt like the story was just cut off, and Kojima declared it as The End. Which was also why people prompted for a sequel.

MGS2 felt incomplete. It also did little to upgrade from MGS1's gameplay mechanics. Although it was a great game, it became last place because of these problems.

Anyways, MGS2 was incomplete, MGS3 was Kojima's answer, MGS3 was a sequel, so Kojima had to answer with the true answer... which was MGS4. But MGS4's problem was that it HAD to answer all the questions. Yet some things are still unknown, such as the events that took place directly after the ending of MGS2.

Maybe MGS5 will be a prequel again? The prequel to MGS4 but sequel to MGS2?

Anyways, MGS 1 and MGS3 were the truest MGS's. They weren't incomplete, or limited to accomplish certain criterias. Kojima was able to fully realize his creativity with these two. Which is why they're the top two. But MGS3 slightly beats MGS1 because of its ending. ^_^

bouncybullet4034d ago

If you had played any of the earlier games you would understand.

This game was the most visually stunning game I've seen in a while.

But story wise....?

If I didn't get a kick out of the over-the-top voice acting by Hayter and the crew, I would turn off the sound and imagine an actual plot that makes sense.

I feel like kojima wrote this one on a toilet paper roll.

Very long.
But held together by dreams and wishes.

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DA_SHREDDER4035d ago

I still think Hideo should have just made a new Zone of the Enders instead. Just imagine all the seamless gameplay and particle effects that Kojima could have brought to the table with that game? The online would have been better then Metal Gear online in every way as well. Jehuty could be Sony's true mascot.

rogimusprime4035d ago

Zone of the enders can't stand alone like MGS4 can. He's still going to make it though. ZOE 2 was a sleeper hit (still bought it on day one though)