Two-Man Team Gets World First of Anthem Stronghold (Intended for Party of 4) at Highest Difficulty

A team of just two players managed to complete an Anthem Stronghold (intended for a party of four) at the highest difficulty, Grand Master 3.

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KaiPow29d ago

I wonder if the devs are going to scramble to adjust the encounters or if they're already getting balanced in the day one patch.

Either way, this is crazy and congrats to the two players that pulled it off!

Angelin29d ago

Hmmm, the AI only does more damage on higher difficulty?

Wolffenblitz29d ago

Apparently it just has more health.

AtlusPT28d ago

More damage and has more health. Basically everything one shots you.

loxim28d ago

Yep, this is basically what all the reviewers are saying right now. Everything that you fight at grandmaster difficulty one shots you almost, and the health gate kicks in and leaves you at 1 HP. And you basically stay at 1 HP the majority of the time. That's the problem with difficulty scaling, it jumps up to I wanna say 1500% health and damage for enemies at the highest setting. That is just ridiculous.

Erolyn28d ago

People actually play this game? Lol

Ricegum28d ago

People play what they want. Crazy right?