Games like Metro Exodus if you're looking for something similar

The Metro series is perhaps best known for its atmosphere. Though the upcoming Metro Exodus has fans journey across Russia in search of a new home for Artyom, it promises to deliver on a familiar solemnity. New mutations like the humanimals or the wolves may help ensure that a constant, primal threat lingers over players no matter the landscape. Promotional images have revealed that underground tunnels and dark, claustrophobic passageways will be making a return as well. With Exodus‘ release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC drawing closer, check out which titles fans should play to get them in the mood for 4A Games’ next post-apocalyptic experience.

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ArchangelMike27d ago

Seems like as random list tbh - except for maybe Stalker.

annoyedgamer26d ago

Metro isnt a gorror game at heart. Stalker fits best here.

Darkwatchman26d ago

All of these are a real stretch. STALKER is the only entry that could scratch a Metro itch.

Greedsin26d ago

Agreeing with everyone here, Stalker seems to be the only game that would make sense for a list like this.