Final Fantasy VIII Was Too Honest and Unsettling to be Beloved

Despite its contemporary success, FFVIII has never had the popular legacy it deserved. But why?

Final Fantasy VIII remains the outlier of the Final Fantasies. Released between the PS1 jump of Final Fantasy VII and the theatrical throwback nostalgia of Final Fantasy IX, this game about teen feelings and the end of the world has always felt like a middle child. Despite being a success by all the metrics that we generally measure, like high sales and good reviews, the game isn’t exalted in the same way that its peers are. Celebrating its 20 year anniversary this last week, the game still hasn’t been ported to every platform on earth like the rest of its brethren.

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marioJP8728d ago

My favorite one in the PSX series.

Gardenia28d ago

When it came out FFVIII had to compete with FFVII which was almost impossible since FFVII became the best RPG of all time still to this day. I remember I wasn't a big fan of FFVIII, especially with the draw system. But over the years I started to really like FFVIII and you can easily "break" the Junction system and become overpowered fast, which is fun to do. Also the game has great characters, music and atmosphere, and a great card game.

I'm still hoping it will come remastered to the PS4 soon

Platformgamer28d ago

i hope square enix's chromosome will be on the right place and do their best to make FF 8 back to next gen consoles

Kocurstvo28d ago

Wtf? Why have every stupido write some crap about FF8 being unpopular? I loved that game!!!

GrubsterBeater28d ago

The author is right though.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think FFVIII is amazing, but for some odd reason it is not ported to other consoles like the other iterations. I think it’s one if the best in the series, but for some reason it’s the red-headed step child of 1 through 9.

PhantomS4228d ago

Except it's very beloved by Final Fantasy fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.