Claire Redfield See-Through Noir Costume Now Available

Modders are hard at work churning out one costume mod after another, for the RE2 remake

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ZeekQuattro34d ago

Oh okay. I was like Capcom put out an update like this. Lmao

Kabaneri33d ago

Why would you wanna play this game with a boner?
Permavirgins back at it again.

2pacalypsenow33d ago

You know it’s not just virgins that like looking at topless women.

Or you think only virgins looks at Porn?

Kabaneri33d ago

Porn is normal and everybody watches it, no guy that openly uses nude mods in a horror game has a girlfriend, because most girls and (normal men) would find that creepy and pathetic. The disagrees are a validation of how many incels N4G has.

2pacalypsenow33d ago

it’s weird, but everyone has their own fetish.

Rachel_Alucard33d ago

Absolute nonsense all the girls I've seen use nude and sex mods on sims. The content is too stale to get off to anyway, it's targeted at perverts which is different then the parroted strawman incel/virgins only meme.

AK9133d ago

I'm willing to bet your a virgin yourself

AK9133d ago

@2pacalypsenow oops wrong reply that was meant for @Kabaneri

CobraKai33d ago

Why wouldn’t you wanna play this game with a boner?
Some of those zombie chicks are hawt!!

aaronaton32d ago

Maybe they should of cast you for the Gillette advert.

Erolyn32d ago

A man wanting to enjoy the female body is as natural as it gets. Only SJW vegans will have a problem with that.

TheSocietalAnomaly32d ago

The specific-ness of that is art. lol

TheSocietalAnomaly32d ago

I’ve found, only “premavirgins” use the word “permavirgin” without “air-quotes”. In this case “real quotes”.

And I think your ideas of what females “like” might need an update. Both niggas and bitches is freaky homie. In fact, they might appreciate titties more than we do.

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m2stech33d ago

every perv mod should make it as a news here now?

xenz33d ago

Dont see how this news is relevant?

BadElf33d ago

What IS relevant? Come on now..

xenz33d ago

Gaming news for instance

WitcheRivia33d ago

It's relevant because it's a mod for a game & you're on a gaming site. It's news because it's information that is not previously known to most people.

xenz33d ago

Gaming news for basement dwellers then

BadElf33d ago

Why are these things always blurred out?

xX-oldboy-Xx33d ago

Guns good, Boobs bad - American logic.

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