Mod Let's You Play as Kratos in Skyrim

PC gamers can finally play God of War through a custom character preset.

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JokerBoy42240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I know im a console peasant, but please, somebody, anybody, bring this to XBOX ONE!!!

Smokehouse40d ago

I mean that’s cool and all but you gotta play the new god of war if you havent. The combat and story is much better than Skyrim, I promise.

goodwin40d ago

No one doubts it, but it's on PS4 and some might not just have it

Smokehouse39d ago

This is true. I would tell the PC players to wait a year or 2 when the ps5 comes out and pick up a PS4 for pennies. There are enough great exclusives to make it worth the purchase.