Anthem VIP Demo: an update from BioWare’s Head of Live Service

Chad Robertson from BioWare: Yesterday was rocky. The first day of our VIP demo weekend did not go exactly as we planned, and I want to share what happened. We’ve been testing the entire game and platform for several months, but there were a few things we missed; real-world play frequently leads to unexpected issues.

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zahdab805d ago

What about excessivly bad frame rate on consoles ?

Jin_Sakai805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

“What about excessivly bad frame rate on consoles?”

Jaguar CPUs. That’s why I can’t wait for next gen consoles! Zen 2 will be a game changer for consoles.

TacoTaco805d ago

I went to PC after the One X version felt so unstable. Luck sure found me because both platforms have me stuck in the infinite loading glitch every mission start.

No Way805d ago

Oh good(?), it wasn't just me... I gave up on the demo because of that nonsense.

Nitrowolf2805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

This here gets to me when he comments in the infinite load screen

“many players are not seeing this issue”
“Unfortunately, the problem is exacerbated in the real-world where differences with player’s ISPs and home networks introduce new behavior.”

What a load of BS, fix your netcode

Grave805d ago

Ya I call BS on this too. After I was having trouble loading I went to see if Youtube streamers were playing or not. The VAST majority were experiencing the same problems. He makes it sound like it was isolated incidents.

805d ago

Shouldn't they have ran a closed/open beta before releasing a demo? A demo is supposed to be a mere representation of the final product that's being released, not a trial and error experiment. I feel bad for everyone who preordered this that were labeled as the supposed "VIP"s. The game releases in a few weeks, and is off to a rocky start... which is what I expected. Let it be a sign!

OC_MurphysLaw805d ago

Well they did run a closed test about 3 weeks back and I was part of that and honestly did not experience anything of what I experienced in this demo in terms of connect or loading issues. That said this demo was filled with those issues.

Hydrazinezz805d ago

I played the closed alpha and i too had issues connecting at times, rubber banding, and strange glitches. Imgaine whats going to happen when the open demo releases and 2x the amount of people try logging in

805d ago
SPEAKxTHExTRUTH805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

EVERY PERSON on my friends list playing Anthem experienced the Loading screen of Death...EVERYBODY!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.