Do you prefer turn-based RPGs or action RPGs?

Role-playing games are one of the most flexible genres because unlike shooters or platformers or sports games, they are less identified by what the player does and more by how the player does it.

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Snookies121476d ago

Turn based holds a special place in my heart. But, when an action RPG is done right, it can be really amazing.

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no_more_heroes1476d ago

I used to be all about action RPGs and scoff at turn based ones, but Legend of Dragoon changed my opinion on them. Lost Odyssey and the Mario & Luigi series sealed my love for turn based RPGs.

Really would've been a crime missing out on games like Fire Emblem: Awakening, Persona 5 and Octopath Traveler. Those games are way too damn good!

Blastoise1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I'm playing Legend of dragoon now. It's cool, despite some dodgy translation every now and then it holds up well. If you're gonna take inspiration for a JRPG no reason to not take it from Final Fantasy at its prime.

Goodkush1475d ago

Front mission was awesome too!!!

Eonjay1475d ago

So there is some nuance to this question.
You can have turn based like Dragon Quest or Persona.
You can have active time battle like Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy X-2.
You can have full blown action RPG like Star Ocean, or FF15
You can have even more nuanced systems like the Gambit system in FF12.

But to keep things simple we can say turn turn based vs everything else.
In that case I would have to say everything else, because there are many different sub systems that fit into that.

Acecalibur1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Fire Emblem Awakening. That game got me thru 2 deployments way back. Kept me sane. 🔥🔥🔥 28293;

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Nu1476d ago

Turn based because I'm lazy as f

blackblades1475d ago

Both for me, turnbase well some have flashy awesome attacks and gives you time to think. Action keeps you on your toes and let you actually control if you take damage or not.

KOIMOJO1475d ago

It's really a good thing for me. Both can be so addictive.

Seraphim1475d ago

I guess I'm somewhat similar though in some sense I tend to prefer Action. Though I couldn't live with one or the other. I need both in my life. Regardless of which, most importantly are to me, character design, combat, AI, and story in no particular order. There are times I don't want to control all party members when the option is present. other times, you can only control one. So good AI and a variety of strategies like DQXI has is a very important and nice feature.

Xenoblade was absolutely phenomenal last year ('17) as was Dragon Quest XI this past year. I also finally wrapped up Ni No kuni 2 and while it wasn't brilliance like the first it was an excellent game. Suikoden 1, 2, and V, SMT Nocture, Lost Odyssey, Tales games, Blue Dragon, Dragon Quest VII and VIII even strategy such as Disgaea 1-3 & Final Fantasy Tactics have all been excellent. And of course Final Fantasy, give or take. As were about 50-200 others. Personally I love both and couldn't live with one over the other.

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Cikatriz_ESP1476d ago

I will always value strategy over reaction speed.

The 10th Rider1476d ago

Yeah, that's the biggest kicker for me. Most Action RPGs allow you to equip stuff, have character customization, have dialogue options, etc . . .

However, when it comes down to it, most action RPGs try to involve strategy by making you change your load-out to better fit different encounters, or by having you use potions that enhance your strength or defenses against certain enemies. Things like that. IMO that's just too much of a hassle and it only breaks up the action gameplay. It's like the two systems of calculated strategy and quick paced action combat are completely at odds with each other. Every once in a while an action RPG that's really good and meshes the two comes along, but largely they're just open world action games with skill trees and customization.

Eonjay1475d ago

I disagree with you guys. I mean ATB just teaches you to learn the strategy and use it faster. Its the same thing, just faster. Final Fantasy X-2 has a supremely strategic system. You just had to be fast. If it ever got to fast, you could always hit pause.

But on closer inspection, its is the same thing as FFX just presented differently. Seeing whose turn was next was no different than looking at whose bar was about to fill. (with the biggest caveat being that in FFX2, you didn't get a clock for your enemy.)

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babadivad1475d ago

They both have their place. Though it wasn't a "great" game. Enchanted Arms had a top tier strategic turn based battle system.

Thundercat771476d ago

I like both as long as the game, mechanics and story is well designed. I liked the last Dragon Quest game turn based system and I think it be better.

Shiken1475d ago

Turn based and action both have their places and I enjoy both pretty equally. Depends on my mood and how good the battle system is for both cases. Octopath Traveler and Persona 5 were amazing, but so was Ys VIII and Bloodborne.

So you cannot really go wrong in my book as long as it is a quality game overall.

Hardiman1476d ago

I enjoy both as long as they are done well, especially action RPG's.

Relientk771476d ago

Definitely turn-based, especially when its a battle system like Trails of Cold Steel, Grandia 2, and Persona 5. These battle systems have so many different aspects, attacks/abilities, and strategies involved.

wonderfulmonkeyman1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Ooooh, Grandia 2?!
I haven't heard about that game in a long while, but I once watched a friend play through it and I loved it!
He got mad at me because I rushed him through the story [I couldn't wait to see more and got impatient], and he got stuck under-leveled for a boss and had to stop to grind a lot.XD
I think I also bought it at one point but I seem to have lost it...

If you like Grandia, though, I have a feeling you'll love the Ar Tonelico series.
Spoiler; it has even better music and a deeper plot than Grandia, plus tons of humorous item creation skits to discover.