Project CARS 3 confirmed to be in development

Slightly Mad Studios is currently working on Project CARS 3, according to the developer’s CEO.

Shikoku2014d ago

The first one was a total disappointment I skipped part 2 Ill have a look at part three when it comes out.

Indigon2014d ago

Please make it fun to drive with a controller this time.

Movefasta19932014d ago

LOL that's what i always appreciated about forza and gt, most gamers don't have wheels or don't want one.

Indigon2014d ago

Exactly. In this day and age there is simply no reason to have driving games that play terrible with a gamepad. Both Forza and GT prove this. Having terrible steering with a gamepad? You might as well forget about bringing the game to console in the first place.

Imortus_san2014d ago

Another crap game, another crap console port.

Imortus_san2014d ago

You mean a game very bad optimized, done to work only with a wheel and not a gamepad, on consoles the frame rate waves from 30fr to 60fr depending on console, so 30fr drops, and you say this is not a crap game, and the patetic limited car number? the horrendos menu's on the first game! so much bad things in this game all say, it crap.

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