Sarcastic Gamer: It'sNotAReview - Fable II

Sarcastic Gamer dishes on Fable 2. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

From the review: "Fable II has a lot to live up to. With Peter Molyneux raising expectations to an unmatchable level, and the original failing to deliver in quite a few areas, can Fable II deliver on the hype?

Despite its flaws, I loved the original Fable. I don't know why, but it's still one of my favorite titles of all time. Consequently, Fable II is automatically a great game to me, providing it sticks fairly close to the formula, which I'm pleased to say it does.(continues)

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FBl4268d ago

It has too many flaws to make it a AAA game,that's why you don't buy this trash

Panthers4268d ago

Trash? I think that is going to far...

dachiefsman4268d ago

The game is fun and your posts are nothing but ignorance. You might add legitimacy if you posted your gamertag oh wait you don't have a 360.

FBl4268d ago

Which is a bigger flop,Fable II with its mediocre gameplay and mediocre sales,or Infinite Undiscovery with its mediocre gameplay and mediocre sales?

4268d ago
Sez 4268d ago

i will answer your question if you answer mine. which one floped harder haze or socom. i think thats a fair enough question. i going with socom. but i want your answer.

Bladestar4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

biggest flops?

Haze, Socom, Lair... ohh wait.. they are all on the PS3...

If Fable 2 is a flop in sony leg humpers book... geee... I rather have flops like Fable and not AAA titles like SOCOM, LAIR and Haze.

FBl4268d ago

I say Fable II,as not only does it have outdated and mediocre gameplay,it contains more bugs than you can wave a wiimote at

Eiffel4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Right...if it does not have a Sony logo on it you won't go blow it?

Its a good game with glitches...what game doesn't have that?
Besides their fixing it via a patch so I should expect to see less b!tching about it.

If not people only hate to hate, not hate with reason.

fufotrufo4268d ago

" Fable II is my favorite game this year, yet I’ve completed it now and, while I might play through it again, I could have experienced everything there is to see in the game over a 3 night rental " -Article

Its his favorite game of the year! sir again time the story

Pennywise4268d ago

Whats up with this guy that he wont buy his favorite game of the year?

fufotrufo4268d ago

he's poor and rushes the game in a rental to save money .. something you can do with a lot of games
yet ..its dumb and stupid.. i bet i can rent MGS4 and beat it in less than 3 days...still its my fav game of the year..

Pennywise4268d ago

But MSG has a good online game within it. Fables online is poo from what I have read at lionhead forums.

I rent single player games and buy multiplayer.

fufotrufo4268d ago

MGS4 Muliplayer is good? right


2 great games ..that you can beat in rental time
...still ..nobody says nothing

I've put over 20+ hours in Fable II and haven't finish the game .... if you like rushing games..then of course you can say its a rental ...but whats the point?

I love multiplayer ..but fuk that ..there's nothing that compares to a great single player experience and Fable II brings that

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Eiffel4268d ago

Fable 2 is the sh!t not a rent

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