A Look at How Well the Vita Works as a Portable Neo Geo

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "The Neo Geo was something of an oddity in the gaming market – a family of systems that included the MVS arcade machine, AES home console machine, and a number of short-lived experiments such as the Neo Geo CD and Neo Geo Pocket. What tied these all together were the brilliant 2D titles created by SNK, which included a number of the most enjoyable fighting games of their time. Thanks to the company’s resurrection in recent years and some internal cheerleaders at Sony, the Vita has been home to a great number of Neo Geo games, although sadly it hasn’t received the brilliant Arcade Archives series by Hamster, meaning it's an incomplete library."

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Fullmetalevolust1523d ago

The switch is also another portable NeoGeo, lots of incredible games on it. If you like old school beat them ups and fighting games, as well shoot them ups, it's the place to be. The Vita will go down as an incredible piece of tech that got overlooked. Still playing mine to this day.