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Far Cry 2 Video Comparison - 720p

See how the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Ubisoft's open-world FPS compare.

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Why o why5710d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
WinterWolf5710d ago

they look nearly exactly the same. Am I the only one tired of these comparisons?

Hydrolex5710d ago

If you look better @ 00:39, you see the Xbox 360 version has jaggies or something like that

just watch the Yello Car's hood

Panthers5709d ago

Thats called being nitpicky... Who cares they are close enough.

Ju5709d ago

Actually I was expecting a way worse PS3 version, but actually its not. I think the framerate looks lower in the PS3 version, but the details are higher. Most visible on the leave texture which has a way higher resolution on the PS3 version, for example. Also the hand uses dithering in the 360 while its smooth shaded on the PS3. So, while in recent comparisons you couldn't tell a lot, here you can.

Violater5709d ago

The 360 version has sharper textures
The Ps3 Version has softer shadows
The PC version looks better than them both
And Crysis is still the best looking game to date

shovelbum5709d ago

They are virtually the same as far as this video goes. You can't go wrong with either version but I picked up the 360 game due to friends choices more than anything else.

stevenhiggster5709d ago

These comparisons are really getting old, they serve no purpose other than flame bait. Oh and please tell these people to switch their RGB to full range on the PS3.

shazam5709d ago

the ps3 has better textures for once

Cynical-Gamerzus5709d ago

Violator is right!!! although a PC loser!
Hope you enjoy clinging to your PC library for now cause this game may take advantage of PC RAM advantage but in terms of diversity and quality .PC games are getting very same old same old..

SWORDF1SH5709d ago

there is one biggish difference. the ps3 version as tearing. noticed it towards th end and couldnt be bothered to look again to see if there was some on the 360 version. did anybody see any?

FailStation35709d ago

At first I couldn't see a difference, but I knew for a FACT there would be differences between things like LOD.



Notice how the white chairs fade in on 360 FIRST, a couple of seconds BEFORE the PS3 version. you can see they are at the same distance because of the tire on the left of the road is at the same distance from the car.

another WIN for 360's MUCH superior CPU/GPU. apparently TEH CELL wasn't powerful enough to render a few chair polygons down the road. WHOOPS!!!

and u can GUARANTEE the rest of the PS3's LOD is closer in than the 360's, too. everything like, dead bodies, guns, trees, all LOD, fade ins, tree shadows, etc. they had to pull everything in just a bit to get a stable framerate on PS3. FACT.


HAhahaHAHAHah normal map resolution FTL!!! HAHAHAHAHHA BACK SEAT OF THE CAR HAHahahAHHAHaha

DAMN, I hate being right all the time.



aceitman5709d ago

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DaTruth5709d ago

Was there ever any chance that you would find the playstation graphics better. Fanboys... sheesh!!

superflyguy5709d ago

Ubisoft always makes mediocre ports for the PS3

Real Gambler5709d ago

One of the version has 2 extra pixels!!! I won't tell you which one though. But that's a huge difference. I could notice it even if I was driving a car at 149 mile per hours while shooting rabbits 100 yards away. C'mon, those 2 extra pixels make a whole lot of difference!

That's where we are today. How sad!

4me25709d ago

"TEH CELL wasn't powerful enough to render a few chair polygons down the road. WHOOPS!!!"

I think because it was cloudy day on PS3. (see picture)

Si-Pie5709d ago

Well said! Bubbles to you! Im fed up of these stupid comparisions and people arguing over very minor differences! These look more or less the same! I have it on the 360 as I dont own a PS3 yet but I would be more than happy owning either of these versions! People need to just enjoy the games they buy rather than having to try and prove their version is better!

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Fishy Fingers5710d ago

I'm not even gonna bother viewing this. Frankly it's pointless, it looks fantastic on every platform. When you first put in the disc and started it up were you impressed by the visuals? Id wager yes so who cares what it looks like else where.

Immortal Kaim5710d ago

How long until the first person claims there is a difference? These video comparisons are ridiculous, play the damn game, enjoy it...

Aclay5710d ago

I think that the PS3 version has slightly darker colors than the 360 version does. From 1:50- 1:55 when the guy was adjusting the watch, to me the watch dial looked a bit more darker on the PS3 and the watch on the 360 version had a slightly lighter dial.

Also in that same scene when he's adjusting the watch, the guy's hands/fingers look slightly darker on the PS3 than 360 to me. But, both versions look good regardless.