Fable 2 - infinite money glitch Walkthrough

This video is a walkthrough that i made to show a money glitch based on the xbox360 clock. this glitch is similar to the glitch's in games like animal crossing. all you have to do is own some property in the game. save change your clock forward in time, and you will gain money. to start the glitch over again. save the game set your xbox360 clock back, load the game, save it again, change the clock forward in time, load the game wait for the money to show up, save and repeat.

While I was not the first person to find this glitch I thought I would make a video and post it here on N4G seeing as how no one has done that as of yet.

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Raoh4275d ago

@ the 2:45 mark he says

"i'd be reallyl angry right now if i got the Red Ring of Death"


i might audio grab it and see if i can add it to a littlebigplanet level


NaiNaiNai4275d ago

go ahead i dont mind. >.> seeing im the one who made the video. thanks for asking about it before taking it though XD.

tatotiburon4274d ago

hurry up before the fix is ready to be launch

uxo224274d ago

I think I'll play it the way it was intended to be played. I think I'll enjoy it more.

Snukadaman_4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

These used to be called the famous animal crossing cheat...hmmmm http://www.cheatcodesgalore...

Cheat Codes
Constant New Year's
To get easy money, all you have to do is set the GameCube's internal clock to New Year's Day. Every New Year, your parents will send you a gift of 10,000 bells. Set the clock to a different year (after saving, of course) and you will get another bag with 10,000 bells.

NaiNaiNai4274d ago

yea its kinda a mix. half cheat half glitch. could be fixed but the way they would fix it would make alot of people mad.
*but even then you could just erase your patchs and do it anyways.*

KieranS4274d ago

Id rather play the game properly, get more enjoyment out of it that way

SolidWarri0r4274d ago

There isnt any freezing, just the odd glitches which will get fixed.

Retard fraggle sony slaves :rolleyes:

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The story is too old to be commented.