Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales has not met CD Projekt's sales expectations

DSOGaming writes: "Last month, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, a brand new RPG adventure set in the universe of professional monster slayer Geralt of Rivia, came out on GOG. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is a single player role-playing game set in the world of The Witcher that combines narrative-driven exploration with unique puzzles and card battle mechanics, and it appears that it has not met CD Projekt’s initial sales expectations."

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Jman15532038d ago

That's a bit sad, though not altogether surprising, considering what it released right next to.
I'm nearly done with the game myself, and I've loved it so far!

IanTH2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I imagine it has more to do with the fact it is a card battler rather than the fact RDR2 just launched. I mean, you can't discount that RDR2 certainly impacts just about everything game related, but if even a Witcher 3 expansion launched you can bet that it would have sold like gangbusters as well.

The timing certainly isn't great, but it appears they also misread the interest leading up to launch. I also wonder if they misread the percentage of TW3 fans that would translate over. 3D open world RPGs and card battlers don't exactly have 100% overlap lol. Then again, perhaps they were expecting more people to jump from Gwent over to this as well. And a F2P online card game fought competitively against other people vs a $30 single player offline game fought against AI opponents...I'm not sure. Just feels like they perhaps overestimated the size of the audience for a game like this.

Andy_Dee2038d ago

I'm not entirely sure friend. People looking for new games to try most likely will try games with huge hype in case they aren't looking for something specific, with that in mind I think RDR 2 will move more copies than witcher 3.

But you are right ofc. It would've sold pretty well overall if it was a witcher 3 coming out! I'm hoping for a witcher 4 <3 after cyberpunk!

ArchangelMike2038d ago

I think it's also because Gwent was in Beta for way too long. TO the point that even though they completely redesigned Throne Breaker and Home Coming, most fans had already had their fill of Gwent and were ready to move on to other things, even other card games like Artifact.

Snakeeater252038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

i would had brought the game but since there is no point of marketing a girl in a men game ( i dont care about de book or anything else) i just want to play geralt like 98% of gamers thats why it failed ... oh did i mention ... a card game not a hack n slash ... learn form big mistake guys:P

Chaosdreams2037d ago

Pulling a percentage from thin air doesn't boost your ignorant opinion one bit :P

TheGoodestBoi2038d ago

I'll definitely get this when it releases on console, huge Witcher fan and watched some gameplay actually looks better than what I thought it was

--bienio--2038d ago

Come on cd red more stupid decisions like first person view and you lost even more money 👎👎👎

Mabumburnin2037d ago

Agreed. Im glad this failed. No more trash to distract from the real game coming up soon.

pietro12122037d ago

Do you know how ignorant you sound? How is not a real game the gameplay has more depth than a lot of RPGs coming out.

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Metabeard864d ago

Beaten this game 3 times and never played more Gwent than what I was forced to play.


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