Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC: No Man's Sky, Kingdom Hearts HD and More...

Megan Spurr, Community Manager:

"Welcome to June – we’ve got robots, we’ve got reMix, we’ve got Resnarkled (I didn’t make that word up, they did) and other things like DLC but I couldn’t find a way to make them start with “r”. There is plenty to get to for console and PC, so let’s jump in"

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RamRod881021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

Nice titles! I plan on giving Thronebreaker, NMS, and Kingdom Hearts a go. It's kinda crazy all the Kingdom heart games are on gamepass now.

autobotdan1021d ago

All the classic Kingdom hearts games are in enhanced 4k on Xbox One X. Time to play them again

Dissidia1021d ago

and Kingdom Hearts III. Game Pass would be a great way for newcomers to play all mainline games in the series.

autobotdan1021d ago

Proof that people can buy a Xbox console to play mickey mouse games

mynameisthumper1021d ago

Wow o.o gamepass is so awesome, this is some great stuff!