The best iOS and Android games to download in August

KnowTechie writes: Looking for some new games to download on your Android or iOS device? We've got a collection of new titles worth checking out.

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lucyclarkl1405d ago

I love puzzle games so I will try Tiny Room Stories, Creaks and Professor Layton.


MudRunner VR Takes Meta Quest Off-Roading

Saber Interactive has announced MudRunner VR for Meta Quest headsets, bringing the off-roader into VR soon.

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OtterX55d ago

Nice! It's a shame that it has to be on the dumbest common denominator on the Quest though. I use a Quest2, but would much prefer being able to max out the graphics on Steam. I'm not looking to upgrade to a Quest3 at the moment.

gigoran854d ago

You gotta admit though, even the quest 2 poops all over the apple vision pro in terms of games. The quest, and even the quest 3 is just an affordable entry level.

OtterX54d ago

Well yea, that's why I have a Quest2. :D

It's a perfect entry point for PCVR! And yea, it's cool that it can run games natively. I just wish Mudrunner VR was coming to Steam so we can get it at its best.

Apple Vision Pro is made for complete home computer replacement, and it just happens to have a few games. It'll never be a focus. That price is crazy!

Jingsing54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

It is clear PSVR2 should have taken the stand alone approach with optional PS5 connectivity for those who own a PS5 to get those few premium titles that exist as 95% of the VR titles out there are stand alone quest versions. That would have bridged two markets. I just don't think Sony have the appetite to run another platform outside of the PS5 though.

Richhard153d ago

But it’s already playable in vr with uevr!


Darth Vader Joins Brawlhalla in Epic Star Wars Event on March 20th

Get ready for an epic crossover as Darth Vader arrives in Brawlhalla for a special Star Wars event on March 20th. Don't miss out!

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Star Wars Comes To Brawlhalla

Star Wars content incoming.
Ubisoft revealed that Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and more come to Brawlhalla on March 20! Fans can play Brawlhalla with everyone everywhere for free.

Garethvk114d ago

100 degreea and their player base would say otherwise.