AoC Vault: Age of Conan Interview - Game Director Craig Morrison

AoC Vault writes: "AoC Vault: In the past you worked within IGN's Vault Network. Which sites were you a part of and what type of contributions did you make (ie. news, articles, etc.)?

Craig Morrison: I was an Associate Editor for the Vaultnetwork and ran the Anarchy Online Vault, and briefly oversaw the Middle-Earth Vault. I also wrote MMO articles and reviews for both RPG-Vault and PC IGN. As Associate Editor for AO-Vault I was responsible for the content of the site on a daily basis. My own primary interest was in writing guides and fan fiction for the game.

AoC Vault: Do you have any tips for people currently working on Vault sites, whom would like to some day work directly for a game developer, such as yourself?

Craig Morrison: Work hard and always be willing to put in the time I think is the main advice, and never look to do it 'for yourself'. To me it was always about the community and facilitating a better community rather than building my own 'reputation'. You find that by engaging with the community the rest actually comes along with it, and you tend to end up with a better reputation if people like and respect your approach. Always remember that you are working as part of a much larger community who are giving up their own free time to contribute to something they have a passion for."

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