Gears of War 2, A Ten Year Reunion

Bigger, better, more badass. Let's see if the phrase Cliff Bleszinski and Epic used to describe Gears of War 2 holds true ten years later.

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sammarshall1021290d ago

A remake on the next Xbox would be awesome

gutteranthems1290d ago

I wouldn't mind that at all, so long as the MP community is still strong

Bane351290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Nah this generation had enough of remasters besides its enhanced on xbox one x

scofios1289d ago

The first two where the best in my opinion they both had a great atmosphere and levels .

Jinger1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Gears 2 was the perfect sequel. Bigger, badder, more badass in every way!

Livingthedream1290d ago

The campaign was fantastic, but I thought the multiplayer was terrible.

PhantomS421290d ago

Yes and no. Gameplay and levels I 100% agree but the story was a huge step down since you followed Dom around and had to listen to him cry for the majority of the game. I still remember being so awed with my friend as we saw the Riftworm and how massive it was then to go inside it. So fun.

DarkOcelet1290d ago

Gears 2 was definitely the best in the series. God, I miss that game. would love to play it again and hope MS give it the same treatment they gave Gears 1 Remaster.

Imortus_san1289d ago

Gears 1 Remaster is actually worst then the original game, full of crazy bugs, so if they do the remake god rid it to be like the first.

DeeJayChrisEdiT1290d ago

Gears 2 was my most favorite mp game i wish for a ultimate edition for this .

FallenAngel19841290d ago

What a difference a decade makes. Gears of War isn’t as highly regarded now as it used to be

timotim1290d ago

That's goes to show you how new IPs are always coming on strong and how gamers evolve overtime. I mean the same can be said for Metal Gear, Gran Turismo, Street Fighter, Fable...lots of games really. The beauty is that, these IPs have the opportunity to regain popularity with every new game released if done right. Look at God of War...this latest version reinvented itself and that paid off big time. Its now more popular than I think any of the pervious installments in the series ever was. In the end...gamers want good games to reason why Gears 5 can improve the franchise current standing in the industry if done right...hopefully The Coalition has learned a lot since Gears 4 and they craft a banger.

King_Noctis1290d ago

It is because MS don’t push it out yearly lile COD.

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