5 of the best Gears of War maps

Brandon writes: "Perhaps one thing that makes multiplayer stand tall in Gears of War is its maps. Uniquely symmetrical in layout, and usually fair in weapon placements as such, maps have often been a vehicle for Gears of War's multiplayer, be it Execution, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, or even Horde mode. While very tough to round up the best of the best, below are what could easily be the definitive multiplayer maps for the Gears of War series."

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Orionsangel1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Mansion is one of my favorites. From the start of each spawn session most of your teammates run to the right, but If you were fast enough you could run through the Mansion and come up behind the other team essentially flanking them early on in the match. I did it many times back in the day. Some would catch on though lol. I really wish the mansion map had been included in Gears 4.

matt1391165d ago

Jacinto was terrible and Streets wasn't particularly good either. Where is Fuel Depot/Canals/Escalation/Checko ut?