15 Top Notch Single-Player Games You Can Complete in 10 Hours

For those who don't have time for massive open worlds or role-playing games with epic tales, these 15 games are worth checking out.

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anast105d ago

Good games for the $9.99 bin, you can get all of the Metro's for $10 in a bundle.


10 Years Later, Sunset Overdrive Still Remains A Beloved Xbox Exclusive

Does it still hold up in 2024?

We've still got a few months to go, but October marks the 10-year anniversary of this Insomniac Games title, with the developer having since moved on to work on the Marvel's Spider-Man games for PlayStation. It was assumed that Sunset Overdrive might make its way to other platforms eventually, but that hasn't happened as of yet.

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Christopher77d ago

So beloved that it sold so well that there's a sequel and Insomniac never had the opportunity to go back to Sony to develop games exclusively for Sony.

RaidenBlack77d ago

ngl, I was low-key expecting Sunset Overdrive to migrate to PS as well along with Hi-Fi Rush and SoT

Christopher77d ago

I think that would require Insomniac going back to work on it to port it over, probably why that's not happening.

RaidenBlack77d ago

Didn't Sony help with SoT port?

Christopher77d ago

I think only in so far as they support every piece of software heading their way? They have that team who specializes in helping people port games, not just SoT, and then the one team that takes PS5 games and ports them to PC (that's their full time job essentially). But that team, the former mentioned one, doesn't do all the work, just help out with how to best do things. So, that team wouldn't port a whole game like Sunset Overdrive.

RaidenBlack77d ago

Ok I thought you meant Insomniac reluctant/Sony not permitting them to go back and work on Overdrive. Hence I added the participation from Sony's side.
But yea, In actuality its Insomniac not having spare dev time to get involved in the port work, atm.

Christopher77d ago

*** But yea, In actuality its Insomniac not having spare dev time to get involved in the port work, atm. ***

Definitely this. They're working on two major IPs as it is and Sony forced them to layoff some people at the end of last year as well. So, likely not capable of sparing the time because resources are being fully utilized.

badz14977d ago (Edited 77d ago )

There was an article awhile back talking about the situation with SSoD. Insomniac does own the IP and Sony now owns it after they bought Insomniac but the publishing right for SSoD is owned by MS - at least the 1st game still is. MS has to sell the publishing rights like they did with the first Mass Effect game to EA after EA bought Bioware before Sony can do anything with the IP.

Einhander197276d ago

Nobody cares about Sunset Overdrive, except all the xbox fanboys who didn't buy it but like to come into articles about the game and try to act like it's somehow Sony's fault for whatever reason.

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darthv7277d ago

there was supposed to be a sequel. IG had it all planned but MS said no. And Sony wont greenlight a sequel if they cant get the first one away from MS. Plus... IG has other projects they moved on to anyways so...... yeah.

fr0sty77d ago

Well, with the recent change in policy towards exclusivity, I imagine Sony could get MS to port it over.

Zeref77d ago

Because a game needs to sell 10 million copies for it to be considered beloved 😂

Christopher77d ago

I mean, it's also not a highly rated game, not even in Insomniac's top ten or even top ten on Xbox that year. With this logic, any game can be beloved and so throwing around the word beloved means absolutely nothing. Doesn't have to sell or have great critical reception, just a handful of people need to love it.

Hofstaderman77d ago

You guys are so starved for games you reminiscing about a decade old game made by a now Sony studio. Of course it never sold 10 million, the vast majority of people bought a PS4.

LucasRuinedChildhood77d ago

A game not played by many can still be beloved by those who played it, yeah.

Only making a profit of $567 after 10 years shows that it was not as beloved as it should have been though. That's really bad.

As much as people complain about AAA games not being unique or having fun ideas or bringing in new IP, a lot of gamers don't show up for them. Even less people seem to have played Hi-Fi Rush.

romulus2376d ago

What's it considered if it just sells 1.8 million copies like it did?.

FinalFantasyFanatic76d ago

It was okay when I played it on PC, idk if I'd consider it one of the more beloved games of that generation.

Zeref76d ago


8s and 9s is not highly rated, okay buddy 😂

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MontyeKristo77d ago

I mean, it sounds like you're just hating on the game - but, I loved it. It was one of my favorite games of it's time and that generation. Replayability could have been better, but I still managed to play it several times. I would have greatly appreciated a sequel and definitely would have been in line to pick it up..

Things happen.

Christopher77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

***I mean, it sounds like you're just hating on the game***

No, that's all the people who refused to accept that this game was beloved and never even bought it. I, on the other hand, bought, played it, thought it was 'okay' and moved on.

Now, what hate did you see in my post other than listing the fact that it's not as beloved as the few who liked it? This and Days Gone get way more love in online discussions than they do in sales and support, I find. Both are okay games, not much more. But for some **unknown** reason, people prop them up often as more than they are.

Profchaos77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

It's in noabs land unfortunately as Microsoft own the publishing rights to sunset overdrives original game while insomniac own the IP.

So Microsoft would have to be onboard with publishing this game on PlayStation systems with the understanding the would not profit from any subsequent games in the franchise unlike the games they are currently releasing on ps5 to get players into their franchises this would be a small cash injection build a fanbase around a game they no longer own then nothing.

ChasterMies76d ago

I really don’t get the love for Sunset Overdrive. It’s one of the few games I bought, played a few hours, gave up, and never returned.

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isarai77d ago

Not beloved enough for Xbox owners to buy it apparently, Xbox was the worst possible audience for that game.

Obscure_Observer77d ago

Sony couldn´t give a f* about Insomniac´s freedom of creativity, that´s why you don´t have a port for that game and will not be getting a sequel either!

That franchise wil probably never make a comback thanks to Sony´s greed for money, which have turned Insomniacs into a Marvel´s slave factory until 2030.

It´s sad, but it is what it is.

ApocalypseShadow77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

I didn't know that Ratchet and Clank were part of the Avengers of Marvel? Hidden in the ending credits of Guardians of the Galaxy or something? Captain Marvel?

Beyond the "cry me a river" of your comment that these Marvel games aren't on Xbox, it was Insomniac that was approached by Sony to work with Marvel to make a game. And let them decide what character they wanted to develop. They chose Spider-Man. Must be highly profitable for them. Wolverine is a profitable, recognizable character. And the X-Men definitely are a hot property that gamers would love as a story based videogame. Being that X-Men 97 brings back a popular Saturday morning cartoon and the introduction of the X-Men into the MCU movies coming up.

It was Microsoft's continued incompetence in cancelling the Marvel MMO game and turning down Marvel in making a super hero game as they were asked first.

Keep the tears flowing. It's not greed. It was smart business to say yes. And maybe Insomniac wants to make these games. And not a game that didn't sell well to an audience that doesn't buy games.

Christopher77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Neither does Microsoft either, based on your own argument here. Microsoft denied the sequel, not Insomniac/Sony. There's also no sign that Microsoft is allowing a port. They control the next two games in the IP and any DLC or the like for the first. But, nothing.

What's sad is people trying to use this game to blame businesses for doing business things that they are both doing as some way to make them look worse. Microsoft wants to use Insomniac to make a good IP that sells their platform and Sony wants to use Insomniac to make a good IP that sells their platform. But, no, Sony bad!

Don't know why the truth that these companies are very much alike is so hard for people to accept.

romulus2376d ago

Your comment literally contradicts itself but troll statements typically do. If Sony is so greedy for money as you proclaim than wouldn't it behoove them to not only release the first game on their console but a sequel as well, as that would be a way for them to make profit and that's apparently their focus according to you? Speaking of profit and greed, I suppose Microsoft bought all those Developers and Publishers in hopes that they wouldn't make any money from it, right? Your ability to troll on this site with impunity is whats sad, but it is what it is.