XboxOZ360 Gamer Fable II Review: So - does Fable 2 live up to its hype?

Lionhead Studio's second attempt at the Fable franchise has finally been released. Fable 2 takes place 500 years after the events of Fable 1, and throws you into the shoes of a new character who also must save the world, this time with your trusty side-kick "dog" by your side.
So, the big question is, does Fable 2 live up to its hype?

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Godem4272d ago

oh god yes I agree, I cant stand the menu system! I HATE IT! Great game besides that though

Immortal Kaim4272d ago

I love this game. Even though I'm not far in the main story, I just love exploring, buying property and just being an all round nice guy :)

Superfragilistic4271d ago

I'm lovin it... in fact I've barely moved the story forward I'm just lost in the world and the social/economic simulations! :)

Most fun I've had with a game all year! :)

Hunter864272d ago

Im not really enjoying this game very much. Co-op is ridiculous. The amount of times both characters got stuck in each other was stupid. This game needs patching badly.

Godem4272d ago

Yeah Co Op isn't the best, frankly I think if the game had a few more months to be polished it could have turned out much better. But its still a good game.

Perhaps if your not enjoying Co-op as much, you should just play Single Player? (obviously? lol)

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The story is too old to be commented.