An Examination of the Www.Fable2.Com Treasure Chest: How Media Formats Are Converging and Developing Together

All forms of media are converging, I am convinced. One need look no further than Fable 2 to see evidence of this phenomenon. Fable 2, recently released for the Xbox 360 by Lionhead Studios to see evidence of this. Near the beginning of Fable 2, there is a treasure chest that, upon attempting to open it, the player is given a message saying "For more info on accessing the gold and items your ancient ancestors left behind many years ago, visit"

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Spybreak4272d ago

I didn't redeem my LE code before opening that damn chest and I get this message now. I still don't have my ol' special spartan armor. ><

ASSASSYN 36o4272d ago

Somone needs to lose their posting rights.