Sony Drop Prices on Major PlayStation Exclusives

Sony has always made it a damn good habit of dropping the prices of their major exclusives, allowing more and more gamers to experience their biggest games for a discounted price. A new round of price drops have gone into effect.

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FallenAngel19842042d ago

“Sony has always made it a damn good habit of dropping the prices of their major exclusives, allowing more and more gamers to experience their biggest games for a discounted price.”

I wish Nintendo were as consumer friendly by dropping the prices on their exclusives as frequently as Sony does

slasaru012042d ago

even two times less than Sony would be amazing for Nintendo

bouzebbal2042d ago

tried the other day to buy a wimote, that thing still costs full price...

parris2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )


I feel like people shouldn't be upvoting that comment.

That's hardware, the cost of a PS4 or an Xbox controller has been the same since launch. It's an entirely different comparison to software.

While I agree that Nintendo should offer better sales and lower prices on software it's not the same as physically manufactured object.

darthv722042d ago

Those are some really good prices. I initially missed out on the special edition of SotC (as i wanted that steelbook) and I ended up finding a seller on ebay who sold everything in the deluxe box except the game disc. I wasnt going to complain as i got that for only $30 and now i can put a game in that sexy case for only $20.

Considering how much those special editions go for now... i got a good deal.

AirJohnston2041d ago

For real. I wanna get MK8 on my Switch but it’s still full price after all this time. Not to mention having to get more controllers cost more than the actual game

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ninsigma2042d ago

Doesn't even need to be as frequently. Just dropping prices at all would be nice!

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monkey6022042d ago

Yeah I've yet to even see any of these supposed membership exclusive prices they've been promising with their crap online service

jlove4life2041d ago

Lol uninformed is no excuse for being ignorant its plenty sales in psn store that shows sale for non ps+ members in white while extra 10 20 or more percent off in yellow for ps+ members plz if youre gonna spew negative garbage fact check 1st

monkey6022041d ago

If you're going to respond learn to read basic comprehension

I was talking about the Switch

RosweeSon2041d ago

I’m still waiting for some my Nintendo discounts had a switch section with coming soon for over a year still nout... but then they didn’t have to do club Nintendo or my Nintendo or whatever you wanna call it in the first place Sony don’t offer anything in U.K and Xbox starter rewards years after club Nintendo but it was average in comparison got about £10 through Xbox whereas Nintendo’s physical rewards were worth a lot of money the Mario kart trophies etc awesome and rare as so worth a pretty penny... they didn’t have to do any other that they chose to. If only the other 2 were as giving. I’ll let Sony off tho as they started the whole here have a selection of free games each month which is amazing you wouldn’t get that on Xbox now with out ps+ being started took years for Xbox to give in to free games each month.

RosweeSon2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Compared to Microsoft who never do it at all, at least Nintendo have a selects range on 3ds Wii u and no doubt on switch within a year. No to mention for generations were under priced compared to the competition 3ds Wii and Wii u were £30/40 max PS3/360 meanwhile were going for £50/60 sure if you go back to n64 days their games were £60 a cart... but they changed this and yeah now switch is here a new console the prices have gone up a little RRP may be higher on par with PS4/xb1 however shop around I got Mario kart deluxe day 1 less than £40 smash Bros I got a standard copy ordered for £42 hardly excessive for day1 and like you say the prices won’t drop unlike say a Fifa that’s £50/60 within 9 months is worth barely 20% of that.
Nintendo have barely 5-10 games on switch they hardly gonna drop the majority of them to half the price... once smash Bros and Pokemon come out sure much more likely.

Quality games hold their value it’s as simple as that, that is why Nintendo consistently score 90+ on metacritic and those games hold their value just like say rockstar games who even 5 years after launch (GTA5) they can still sell that for pretty much what you paid for it all them 5 years ago when most games would be worth £1/2 by that point mainly as they’d have had 3/5 sequels in that period.
As for comments about Wii remotes still costing the same they work on various consoles and have lots of tech in them I guess dual shocks are few quid these days or those elite controllers Xbox released year or 2 ago.

Not saying they perfect by any stretch as they not who is I’m not their voice chat is horrendous, they rarely do sales and the ones they do it’s hardly any discount over a store purchased and it’s normslly the stuff you would have purchased day one as it’s wuality games they needed their VC on switch on a Netflix style VC, online isn’t amazing but it’s just launched and half the price, the nes games (I.e The start of their Netflix of Nintendo games) are a bonus and with more being added and no doubt newer consoles snes etc to be added bargain, they stuck in their ways for sure but when they get it right they get it massively right hence they get the reviews they do their products sell for the prices they do it all goes back to that Nintendo seal of quality they don’t release half arsed broken or just sheer faulty hardware or software it comes from the heart not incentivised by money but by making people happy giving them fun and new fresh ways to play rather than same old same headshot yearly churn Forza zzzzz always got time for Nintendo alongside any other games company that warrants it this Gen that’s ps4 since day one been smashing it loved every day and both consoles switch/PS4 are winners for me. Xbox absolute poo

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blm5042042d ago

If Microsoft do this they are desperate for sales

King_Noctis2042d ago

I was about to say the same thing. What hypocrites.

Shikoku2042d ago

No hypocrisy about it. Everyone knows MS and the xbox division are selling well so thats the position they are in you cant be the best selling console in a gen and be desperate for sales it just doesnt makes sense but you can be in second place about to be dropped to 3rd by Nintendo and that would lead people to see price cuts as desperate.

pwnmaster30002042d ago

The company with the most software sales and hardware sell can’t be desperate.

I mean look what Spider-Man did.

When Sony starts loosing its lead and start cutting prices then yes that will be last minute desperation.

Razzer2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

You are desperate for something negative to say about this, it would seem. Just calling blindly calling a bunch of people hypocrites? You are very shallow.

Mr_Writer852042d ago


Apples and Oranges.

KwietStorm_BLM2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Where are the hypocrites you speak of? Point them out. Freakin goblins jumping out the shadows every day on here looking for trouble that nobody started besides yourselves. Selling multiple times more games than anyone else and still dropping prices literally cannot be despite. So where's the analogy?

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CorndogBurglar2042d ago

The difference is that Sony is at the top, sales-wise. By a very large margin. They are clearly not "desperate for sales".

MS has been doing everything they can think of this entire gen to try and catch up with Sony. So perception would tell you that they are more desperate for sales than Sony.

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RosweeSon2041d ago

Xb1 is the PS3 of last Gen it’s on the back foot and without top every few months I.e 4/6 a year not 1/2 and some serious pushes elsewhere they are gonna continue to struggle. PlayStation were then they banged out top games like last of us and started giving away free games over their multiple consoles... back in the PS3 days it’s wasnt no here were on gears of war 4 now have a free copy of first game it was top recent and decent games. The month I bought vita I got uncharted gravity rush street fighter vs Tekken and Katamari all for free with the ps+ membership absolute bargain you’d never get that on Xbox 1 top game let one 4 and that was just in the first month

Ceaser98573612042d ago

"If Microsoft do this they are desperate for sales"

lmao! Sony leads so probably they do what they want. Xbox is trying to play catch up and end up looking desperate .

lucian2292042d ago

MS doesn't have enough games to do that xD Forza gears and halo on sale, aw shucks

Vizigoth042042d ago

They would have to have exlusives to price drop. This year they have Sea of Thieves and State of Decay but they technically have it price dropped already if you sub it on Gamepass.

MasterCornholio2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

How did they sell full price though?

Also this article is about PS4 exclusives not PS4 console sales.

Realms2042d ago

Logic thats is why how can hey be desperate for sales when they lead both hardware and software sales? I hate Sony therefore I will state a comment that doesn't even make any sense. This is the kind of warped logic you MS fanboys use to make arguments that's why you constantly get roasted.

blm5042042d ago

Hate Sony are you serious nobody said anything about Sony I own all except for the Switch but I also own old Nintendo hardware and games even own a dreamcast I owned every Sony console since the ps1 no brand loyalty here playboy with that said Da X is hands down the best console I ever bought

Skankinruby2042d ago

Sony is doing this for games that have already sold very well. If they did this at the games launch date you might have a point (like what Microsoftis doing for RDR 2). But when Sony is doubling Microsoft's console sales every single week you cant call them 'desperate for sales' in any way.