Treyarch Addresses Black Ops 4 Server Downgrade, States They Will “Improve” the Experience

The Call of Duty community isn't happy about the Black Ops 4 server downgrade, and Treyarch has finally issued a statement to it.

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TheGamez10087d ago

And fix zombies damnit, its so damn broken atm. Game was released too early.

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UltraNova87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

This is a worse downgrade than anythig Ubisoft ever managed to do... seriously reducing the server tickrate from 60 to 20Hz on an online competitive game is far far worse and game play crippling thing than reducing some visual features in a SP game. Yet I see almost no one bat an eye over this...

excaliburps87d ago

What's stranger here is, they had it at 60hz in the beta! They downgraded it and what? Thought no one would find out??

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Nitrowolf286d ago

Gotta save money where they can, despite having a very successful launch.

They should release black out as a f2p and go the fortnit route tbh, but even then we will always get the short end of things

PapaBop86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

@Nitro - I bet they will in x months but using it now to help sell copies of Blops 4.

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PapaBop86d ago

Have you seen the state of COD's online in at least the last 7-8 years? It's worse than my experience playing games like Quake 3, UT, CS etc like nearly two decades ago. COD fans are used to having a piss poor of an excuse for their online experience.

The_KELRaTH86d ago

So agree but that was when we could use proper servers and game development by proper coders. Now its all invisible walls, no bots to fill player spots, poor player to player syncing and lag and a total lack of map imagination.

HotMoltenLava86d ago

I agree 100% with you on this.

excaliburps87d ago

At least they're getting it tuned up or whatever. What gets me here is, if no one checked, they most likely wouldn't have even fixed it. Players like myself would constantly be getting shafted with bad hit registration and whatnot.

COD: WWII did something similar too. It had Asia servers during the beta, but PULLED it when it was released. :(

Switch4One86d ago

Explain it to me like I'm 5...what is a ticker rate?

I_am_Batman86d ago

For anyone interested in netcode, I recommend the youtube channel Battle(non)sense. He does some great netcode analysis for a number of games. If you just want to understand the basics he has a video called Netcode 101:

UltraNova86d ago

Its how frequently the server is updated with player data and vice versa. The faster the data exchange the less lag the end user experiences and the more accurate combat is.

Majin-vegeta86d ago

Higher number=Good
Lower number=Bad

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