GameStop is running a buy two get two pre-owned games free sale

Looking to grow your game collection on a budget? GameStop’s B2G2 Sale allows you to buy two pre-owned games and get two free. The games must be valued at $29.99 or less.

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roadkillers895d ago

What a shit list of games. There is a good one here or there, but damn

Storm23895d ago

There are actually a ton of good games that are pre-owned at 29.99 or less if you search the site. Weird the games they included in the advert but bunch of others available for that price and they all work if under 30. Just search pre-owned games on your platform and most are already under 30.

nickanasty206895d ago

Before this week they had an even better deal buy 6 games and get 50 percent off the entire price. Luckily i took major advantage of that and picked up some really good games while that deal was on. Also just took advantage of this offer too though to fill in games i have been meaning to pick up and just haven't.

Applejack895d ago

My backlog is too much as it is. I’m actually happy I didn’t catch that deal lol.