Free Helmet and Emblem To Compensate Battlefield 5's Delayed Release

Following the delayed release of Battlefield 5, EA DICE has announced that players will be getting free Oscar Mike Helmet and Oscar Mike Emblem in the game.

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gutteranthems88d ago

This is highly underwhelming compensation. When someone offers free add-ons, they are usually more significant that this.

Daek2387d ago

You know what's really cool? Complaining about free stuff.

UltraNova86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Who cares really, at least they gave something for a delay, when did that happen before?

That said I feel that the hype for BFV has died down to the point where I think it will do some bad sales figures as far as EA is concerned and I dont know what this means for Dice after Battlefront 2 doing....not that great. Plus I'm not feeling the old WW thing anymore, since BF1 and COD WW2 filled that void and then some. I'm feeling that WW shooters had their time and now we need more modernized stuff.

That said I hope I'm wrong and BFV turns out to be a great, fun game.

Crazyglues87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

@ gutteranthems

Could not agree more, it's not the fact that it's Lame but it's the fact that they actually care so little about the community that they thought this was something good to give gamers, What did that take you, like 2 seconds of your day to make one Helmet and one Emblem from the bunch of shit that got cut from the game, oh here, lets give these cry babies one of these and call it a gift to gamers.... LMAO EA/DICE seriously,

--some will say-- Don't complain about free stuff... LMAO

( I guess for some people they actually have to put on a jacket that says, "I don't really care, do you" before you get it, and even then you still won't get it ) They really could care less... That shit didn't take two minutes to make.. A real gift would have been like 5 free emblems you can choose from to use for your PS4 PSN Avatar, you know because people have different taste, and a PS4 theme that actually looks like some effort was put into it, but yeah that would be too much work... probably 10 Mins of your time..

-but yeah this is much better, whoopie you made a whole one emblem and one Helmet in game that took you two seconds from scraped images... Thanks so much DICE, wow you guys are Amazing, I mean Wow this is amazing, Really shows how much you value the community.. A whole Emblem and 1 Helmet you guys are just too generous.... Where do I get in-line for ass kissing of the developers and being so grateful for this one Emblem and one Helmet, instead of calling it exactly what it is, because you could have did nothing.

which is exactly what this feels like, but no you did so much, I mean Wow, this is just too generous of you, a whole Emblem and a whole Helmet... Man you guys be working so hard... it's just too generous, I mean wow, what will I do with all of this, probably not even use it or put it on because it looks lame, but yeah thanks DICE.. Where did you find the time, to work on all of this, One emblem and One Helmet? LMAO...

You knocked it out the park, I'm not even upset about the delay anymore, I mean I got a whole one emblem and One generic helmet, I guess all is forgiven... LoL

T2X87d ago

So, you're not impressed...

rainslacker86d ago (Edited 86d ago ) should save people unwilling to pay for stuff a good 20-30 hours of grinding.

I may be a cynical a**hole....but at least I like the glass half full.:)

That being said, they don't really have to give anything for a delay. There is no real expectation of that kind of thing is there?

gutteranthems86d ago

I would argue that delays this close to release do warrant some sort of additional response. People still preorder and pay for their games in advance and it's another month that they have their money tied up in something before receiving the product. I think that in this instance, a good-faith statement is fair to be expected, even if it's not neccessary

rainslacker85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

I think it's nice they gave something. Can't complain if they want to give something for the delay or inconvenience. I just don't think I would expect anything like that for a delay. Maybe if I paid it, took delivery, adn then the game itself wasn't playable in some way, and they took some time to get it fixed.

Leeroyw87d ago

Here. Have a digital item that half the people will all have.

No thanks.

aaronaton87d ago

They peddle it like it's a great deal, who would actually pay for an helmet in a game?

SenorFartCushion87d ago

Whales, mums and dads of three etc.

The people who would be those targeted by these horrible practices.

Dom_Estos86d ago

Millennials and fan boys.

rainslacker86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I wouldn't. Then people couldn't see the ultra leet face paint decal skin I brought.

SenorFartCushion87d ago

Or a way of enticing people to gamble for loot a bit harder - like free chips from a casino.

cfc8387d ago

More time to polish your bollox. EA are running away from rockstars cowboys and cowgirls. Pewl pewl.

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