Soulcalibur 6 PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison – A Mixed Bag

Despite featuring fantastic gameplay, Soulcalibur 6 on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X is a mixed bag from a technical perspective.

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xRacer74x31d ago

Picked this up yesterday for the X

MWH31d ago

Excellent game, will get it on PS4 and PC.

XxExacutionerxX31d ago

Really, why buy the game twice?

Tech530d ago

"Really, why buy the game twice?"

peasant multi-plats will do that to you.

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Lilrizky30d ago

I own shovel knight, skyrim, destiny, dark souls and more on 2+ devices.

sue me. I have the money to pay for it ;)

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Vandamme2931d ago

Dead or alive 6 looks better

DarXyde31d ago

I doubt it'll play better.

Namco/Namco- involved fighters in general tend to be pretty polished experiences.

gamer780430d ago

Team ninja is holding back on too much info for this to be declared.

Hardiman31d ago

Such fond memories of Soulcalibur when it hit the Dreamcast! It was the first time a console game matched its arcade version. I was blown away at what the Dreamcast games looked like at the time. I had never played anything like Shenmue and was amazed at its world! Anyway looking forward to Soulcalibur VI!

tucky31d ago

It did not matched the arcade version ... It was 100 Times more beautiful on dreamcast

MWH31d ago

It was probably the first time in history a game on Console surpassed its Arcade counterpart in every aspect.

Gunstar7531d ago

Dreamcast was the ultimate version

tucky31d ago

They dare comparing this jewell with the crappy tekken 7 that is far from running in 4K on PS4 pro and Xbox one x

babadivad31d ago

It looks horrid on X. No X1X upgrade. It looks blurry AF on my 4k TV. I loaded it up twice and never touched it again. Massively disappointed.

Gaming4Life198131d ago

SC always looked better graphically than tekken.

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