Black Ops 4 Player Reports Bug; Treyarch Responds With Play-By-Play

PC Invasion: A Black Ops 4 player thought there was a bug when his opponent killed him first. He ended up reporting it -- which led to Treyarch responding with a near 800-word play-by-play of what actually transpired.

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2pacalypsenow97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

lol If only he had quick scoped instead, it would have been a 1 shot kill to the foot.

Newmanator97d ago

Lmao I love the game but can't believe quickscoping is still a thing.

frostypants96d ago

It really is maddening how what began technically as a design flaw/borderline bug has become a primary gameplay mechanic in the series.

PhantomS4297d ago

Wow, Treyarch this one instance clearly proves your game is absolutely perfect and not filled with the same bugs that have plagued the series since MW4. Oh wait, it doesn't this just shows how arrogant you are.

JJasonRodriguez97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

So much pent-up anger on the internet, here's a cat for your troubles:

PhantomS4297d ago

So much denial for truths you can easily google and get educated, but hey keep buying into the trash then crying how it's last year. Activision is calling sheep.

JJasonRodriguez97d ago (Edited 97d ago )


My point is that I don't think anyone even mentioned that Treyarch nor the game were perfect. In fact, even the article noted that there were still a lot of issues that players were experiencing. The focus of that article was, however, the hilarious play-by-play.

That's why I cited "pent-up anger on the internet" because your reaction seems to be, well, very outraged by "something on the internet" -- even though that something wasn't being discussed nor argued. Like, I get the whole: "freedom to say what I want because it’s the internet" idea, but sometimes we also have to internalize if what we say even has any bearing to a discussion. Just food for thought. Good day. 🙂

NobleRed97d ago

Lagarch master of shitty netcode/hit detection. No surprises here.

TheUndertaker8597d ago

“Treyarch even added a full play-by-play of what occurred with each of DukeNZ’s shots:

1 – Hit (1)
2 – Miss, left of enemy, though the hitmarker stayed up from the first hit (Hitmarker basically stayed up from here on out as intermittent hits kept it there)
3 – Missed, left of enemy
4 – Hit (2)
5 – Missed, right of enemy
6 – Missed, right of enemy
7 – Hit (3)
8 – Miss, slightly under enemy’s arms
9 – Miss, left of enemy
10 – Hit (4)
11 – Miss, right of enemy
12 – Hit (5), but the 1st bullet had penetration reduction so this BARELY did not kill the enemy”

“We end up reporting these incidents. Naturally, we know how players who have complaints might end up with “generic corporate responses” or given the run-around from community managers or customer service personnel. Instead, what we had here in Black Ops 4 was so thorough and detailed that it left no room for doubt. DukeNZ was thankful for the response, and many players even applauded the efforts of Treyarch to address the matter. It actually reminded us of that time when a Valve representative made an Imgur album to point out how a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player wasn’t experiencing a bug. Instead, they just couldn’t control their shots and that’s how they ended up dead.”

Not really that difficult to understand but gotta love naysayers. It’s sad when individuals here are busy blaming whatever they can yet the individual involved actually thanked them and has an understanding too.

Oh, and ironically if you watched the clip you can CLEARLY see the spray on the wall in multiple places.

JJasonRodriguez97d ago

I did notice that, but I also found it fairly humorous that the first reaction people always have when someone kills them first online is: "OMG! So unfair! It's a bug/glitch/hack!" And Treyarch's massive wall-of-text and play-by-play as a response was hilarious.

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