Insane Forza Horizon 4 Photo Gallery That Will Make Xbox Fans Proud

Pennyworth Reviews Blog writes: "Forza Horizon 4 is out, doing great and looking oh so good. Thing is that even though the almighty big and powerful Xbox One X is out there, FH4 is very happy to show everyone that the standard Xbox One still has a lot of love to give."

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Ognipode94d ago

Hot damn I'm loving playing this game. Photo mode is taking up like nearly half my play time though...

lxeasy93d ago

There is no racing game on the market right now that looks or plays better than this one.

Kribwalker93d ago

agreed. and the sheer amount of things to do that keep popping up is crazy. I’ve never seen so much variety in a racing game before. The games gonna keep me hooked for a while

tinchotin93d ago

That's relative. To me racing simulators play leagues better than this fantasy arcade game.

Gunstar7593d ago

@tinchotin your fanboy is showing. Move along

DarXyde93d ago


Tinchotin is responding to lxeasy's claim that no racer looks or plays better. Clearly, they disagree. And let's be honest: why WOULDN'T a driving simulator play better? We can debate visuals, but I really don't care. Forza Horizon 4 looks great and that's good enough for me (it should be for everyone else, too). But you're going to tell me that this game plays better than a game like Assetto Corsa?

I respectfully disagree.

gravedigger93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

You can't compare arcade racers and simulators.

"There is no arcade racing game ...." this sounds better

shloobmm392d ago

This is not your typical Arcade racer and is built upon the simulation engines that Forza Motorsport uses. So other than really being able to take your Lamborghini offroad it still has majority of the sim racing stuff going for it. If you want to turn on simulation damaging and what not on and stick to the roads you can literally get the same experience as a simulation racer. Anyone who has ever played a Forza Horizon game should know I would agree with the statement about his fanboy showing because this is most definitely not a "Fantasy arcade game" and if he has actually played it then he should know that.

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TRU3_GAM3R94d ago

Such a good looking game

Digital foundry
Playground Games' work on the Horizon series has improved with each release, and the UK location with impressive seasonal support gives the studio an effective showcase for their many technological upgrades. The last two years have been spent tailoring a beautiful, sometimes fantastical driving game that aims to surprise. Technically, it's a marvel to both look at and to play, and the end result is a gem in the Xbox One X lineup that deserves your attention.

Kumakai93d ago

I've been playing it on the One X and it is freaking gorgeous. Theres something to be said seeing it run in realtime in 4k HDR firsthand. so good.

mark_parch93d ago

I've been playing in 60fps on the xbox one x. it's a much better experience even though it's not native 4k

mcstorm93d ago

I agree. I thought 30 fps was fine but after playing 60fps I won't go back what a difference it makes to the game.

92d ago
TheCommentator92d ago

@ sampsonon

No really, stop. I thought thiss silly Drive Club thing was out of everyone's system (pun intended) by now...

sampsonon92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

@TheCommentator: silly? really? lol

all I'm doing is bringing reality to this nonsense that FH4 is the best looking racer ever, it's not.

you can never take away the fact that it's been 4 years and Evolution Studios made the best looking racer this gen.

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obidanshinobi93d ago

Driveclub .................. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Thanks for the laughs.

sampsonon92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

no problem but I'm sure you will stop watching soon after clicking because it will ruin the illusion that FH4 looks better.

keep laughing, because that's what I've been doing when reading these articles.

playnice92d ago

seriously even if Driveclub was a nice looking game too (and to be fair it came out a few years ago) it wasn't an open world and damn Forza Horizon 4 is a wayyyy better game

shloobmm392d ago

You posted a link to Driveclub and none of those pictures look better than what FH4 is showing, It's not even close. Actually most of those Driveclub pics look fairly terrible.

Kiwi6692d ago

Getting desperate when you have to compare a closed circuit racer to an open world one

Weeblordbad92d ago

He's so transparent it hurts.

sampsonon92d ago

People are saying that FH4 is the best looking racer ever, not it's the best looking open world racer ever. i say no. sorry, but it won't be until next gen that Forza will look better than DC. sorry

Weeblordbad92d ago

One is open world, the other is not. Use your brain.

sampsonon92d ago

excuses. people and articles are saying "best looking racer ever" not ' best looking open world racer" so yeah. I've come to correct this argument with photos of the real "best looking racer ever. look at the video and tell me I'm wrong.

AngainorG7X92d ago

I want a racing game, not a fancy corridor weather tech demo, but thanks

sampsonon92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

that's not a real racing game, it's an open world full of people that couldn't race if their life depended on it, joy ride. nothing wrong with that.
DC wasn't a real racer either but this isn't the argument is it? no, people are saying that FH4 is the best looking "racer" ever and i am showing a game from 4 years ago that still looks better. not only that but it's dynamic weather and time of day, lighting " is still unsurpassed by any racer. facts

ArmrdChaos92d ago

I guess some people can't comprehend the difference between fact and opinion.....not surprising....and that would be a fact.

Computersaysno92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Compare in game shots and not bullshots.

Driveclub looks like this in game:

Horizon 4 looks like this in game:

No contest. Everything is way smoother and more detailed on Horizon 4. Just look at the big jagged edges around the car's number plate or rear spoiler on Driveclub. The 'RS5' logo and tail lights are so much crisper on Horizon 4 as well. That is just the car model.

Also note the top right of the Horizon 4 shot....locked 60FPS versus 30 for Driveclub.

Horizon 4 has significantly surpassed Driveclub and it's open world too. That's just what more powerful hardware and newer software gets you.

AngainorG7X92d ago

Dude you keep ignoring the fact that DC is a 30fps corridor game and the other is a native 4K/30 open world racer with a 60 fps mode. Do you even know the basics on game development or what? And STILL after all that DC does NOT look better. The ONLY thing that is better in DC is the weather. Nothing else. Sorry mate.

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paintedgamer198493d ago

Looks great, why is this the only spectacular over the top exclusive 1st party game on the X? Such a missed opportunity. Hopefully MS can release some bangers next year. Theres what... CD3, Last Night, Gears of War 5, Ori, Ashen, Session, Cup Head dlc, SOT dlc, and maybe another Forza... im sure im missing some other stuff. Even if only half of these release 2019 will look better than 2017 and 2018 combined. However, i dont see Halo launching until fall 2020 at the earliest. Hopefully 2019 is the start of the end of drought years...

Jinger93d ago

Actually its been confirmed no Forza next year, but honestly Ori 2, Ashen and Gears 5 I'm excited for for sure.

mark_parch93d ago

even though I don't like sea of thieves, it looks incredible.
I'm also really excited for ashen, ori will of the wisp and gears 5.
who knows crackdown 3 could end up being really fun, it's on gamepass so i'll definitely be giving it a go.
ashen is supposed to release this year so I'm guessing we will get a December release date at XO18

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