Xbox Reports Incredible Sales on Steam, Despite Game Pass Success

It looks as though Xbox is experiencing incredible success on PC, with 4 of its titles topping the Steam charts, despite Xbox Game Pass sales.

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CaptainHenry91683d ago

Important to remember that MSFT runs the operating system for PC gamers as well. They are set up for great success on PC already and MSFT will use their windows assets to help push Xbox reach even further on pc. TBH though I'm not paying that much for game pass at the moment. Eventually game pass will have a 20+ price increase in the future. Just a matter of time. If it gets to $30 dollars I'll just cancel my subscription until a game I want to play comes out like Outerworlds 2. That's the way I been doing it for a while now.

porkChop83d ago

I don't see it going to $30. Obviously the price will go up eventually, as with everything, but it's not gonna jump that high.

VenomUK82d ago

It shows that PC gamers on Steam are preferring to buy these higher quality Xbox games rather than pay a subscription.

phoenixwing83d ago

At first I bought into game pass but I like having a library that doesn't go away if I don't have money spend so I buy everything on steam. There was a recent steam sale of the halo collection so I bought it. That's probably what they're talking about.


I'm not sure why you people seem to think you just can't BUY the games u want that leaves gamepass. Seems like a idiotic thing to say...

phoenixwing82d ago

Why would I pay for a sub on top of buying my games. Seems like an idiotic waste of money.

DiRtY82d ago


you can subscribe to GamePass and play all the games.
As soon as the one game you are currently playing or want to play in the future leaves the service, you can obviously still buy it. And most of the times with a 20% discount as a GamePass member.

That is the point.

phoenixwing82d ago

@dirty I play on pc I get 20 percent discounts without resorting to gamepass

Sephiroushin82d ago

Seems people don't know gmg, humble, gamesplanet, gamesbillet. etc exist .... Games there are usually more than 20% off even on release you could find Scarlet Nexus for 40$

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Zeref82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

The reason it wont ever be 20 dollars is because NO ONE will pay that much for a subscription. If it does increase,it will be by a small amount to adjust for inflation like 10 years from now.

itsmebryan82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Please provide a link to the $20+ price increase information. Or are you just making it up?

dcbronco82d ago

It's ridiculous to think the price will rise significantly. Or at all. The profitability of Game Pass increases with the number of subscribers. Why would Microsoft raise the price when they would already be making a profit on the current price? Instead they would most likely keep the price the same to drive their marketshare.

Atom66682d ago

All of the info coming out about Windows 11 kind of shows us MS's long term plan when they began to refocus on PC gaming 5 years ago.

They'll be pushing gaming and GP specifically to every Windows user. It's smart.

Still personally need them to address the many short comings of the Win store and the Xbox app, though.

And GP will only increase in price as the market allows. Same with game prices, it'll be slow. It's still $9.99 USD, so in 3 or 4 years when Outer Worlds hits, I'm doubting you'll be paying $30.

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Hawk19866683d ago

Xbox? I think you mean Microsoft.. Xbox is the console.

porkChop83d ago

No, Xbox is the publisher. Just as PlayStation is a publisher, not just a console. Microsoft is the parent company.

Activision83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

There's an Xbox client on Windows 10/11, similar to Steam. It isn't just a console.

TheRealTedCruz83d ago

Oh wait;
Are you saying that gamepass doesn't kill sales, and what they're doing is just an option, and not a forced push?

Wouldn't have guessed.

TheRealHeisenberg83d ago

Funny how that works. suck Ted!

TheRealTedCruz83d ago

I bitched out for Trump.
I thought that made me awesome :(

King_Noctis82d ago

Heisenberg and Ted talking make me miss Breaking Bad.

Zeref82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

According to playstation fanboys once you subscribe to gamepass, the console will automatically delete games from the store so you can never buy a game again.

TheColbertinator83d ago

That's good. Microsoft was being stubborn when they didn't include their games on Steam.

PitbullMonster83d ago

Well, that's probably because of the steam summer sales. For example, Days gone is not in sale that's why it isn't in the charts.

lonewolf1083d ago

"And it’s not just the Steam sale boosting Xbox numbers either. Analyst BenjiSales on Twitter reports that Xbox is benefiting from good discounts, but consistently brings in some of the best figures on the platform."

itsmebryan82d ago

Or maybe people are not interested in "Days gone ".

Kerppamaister82d ago

Hol'up now... That's blasphemy around here.

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