Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Shattered Day One Records Across Platforms

The latest Call of Duty game from Treyarch is off to a hot start with early indicators suggesting that adding a battle royale mode was a wise move.

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DarkVoyager95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Goodbye campaign. Hello Battle Royale.

playnice95d ago

Honestly I always kinda wished they released campaign and multiplayer as separate games...I know lots of people dive right into MP whereas I barely ever touch it. I wonder how many people would buy a single player only version of COD though :/...

JaguarEvolved95d ago

Lol. Say goodbye to story based campaign in games. Hopefully Sony continues to make games with single campaign for PlayStation. I can't wait to get a ps5 next year

4Sh0w95d ago

I never thought the COD campaigns were great with a few exceptions but I still enjoyed them. NOW lets be honest here almost every year most of the diehard gamers like the ones on this site, youtube, etc have bashed COD campaigns as if they were not worth their time, NOW its gone and NOW here comes the complaining again. NOW of course some will say, well the complaints were to make a BETTER campaign not take it out but again being honest its a COD game, like Madden when you rehash the same game so many times its very hard to awe us with another *war game within the same franchise....the alternative would be to completely redesign and start fresh on a entirely new concept/playstyle/theme/ everything= COD is a cash cow so dont hold your breath until maybe after next gen when even casuals are completely burned out & OTHER military shooters far surpass COD's addictive twitch shooter mechanics.

Kumakai95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

why? COD isn't known for its campaigns. in fact most of them could be beaten in 4-5 hours. i've been playing since cod 2 and it was always about the multiplayer. and the BR mode is the best out right now imo.

MajorLazer95d ago

Disgusting clickbait. "According to Activision, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has set a new launch day record as the biggest day one digital release in Activision history." So only digital and even then only in Activisions history

badz14995d ago


I think it only shattered the day-1 digital download records for PSN and XBL as well. not just Activision's.

but I think commenters here are looking at this too one-sidedly. sure it broke records with digital sales but the physical side of the thing is not looking good. it's the worst launch of CoD since CoD4.'s just CoD fans moving from physical to digital. I don't think THAT alone would be enough to influence others to ditch SP and go BR. plus, Activision only announced that the online player count at launch is higher than last year's WWII which is not saying much because CoD has had bigger numbers before.

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BenRC0195d ago

Good. Took me about 3 seconds to forget it ever existed. I'll pour 10x the hours into the br mode.

InTheZoneAC95d ago

In two weeks you're probably going to be bored of it

kevnb95d ago

I think of the zombies mode as a replacement for campaign.

nucky6495d ago

agreed. i'm not buying the game because i'm not interested in the rest of it - i might buy if they release the zombies content in a seperate download at some point.

T2X95d ago

That's fine as long as they support BR in the future. They could easily have the orher developers work on campaigns too. BR mode should become it's own thing Imo.

NobleRed95d ago

There will be a campaign in MW4.

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Well that should shut the yearly COD haters mouth. Every year people say cod is dead yet every year it proves otherwise. I’m actually enjoying the game and I’m not afraid to say so. BR in COD plays better than PubG and it’s not even a week old.

Opinionatedlovesme95d ago

I am more a fan of the Battlefield games but I got to admit that Treyarch gives what the fans want. They deserve this success!

T2X95d ago

I buy it every year, and this years is very good even without the classic campaign.

DJStotty95d ago

Digital sales records? Hardly hard to beat. Physical is at the lowest point for 11 years in the UK.

Just because the game beats a bunch of DIGITAL sales records, does not mean it has sold more copies. How about a concrete total sales figure digital/physical combined offset against last years iteration for a true reflection.

kevnb95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Sales in the uk matter somewhat, but lets not pretend they dictate overall performance.

InTheZoneAC95d ago

Common sense like this is not typical of your average reader here. The wording was intentional for those who don't think like this.

kevnb95d ago

I only buy the treyarch games, the other ones are not worth it.

wwinterj94d ago

Dead or no it's a shit game. Still casuals lap it up so eh.


It’s not for everyone that’s for sure.

Livingthedream94d ago

Casuals and hardcore gamers eat it up, that's what great game/franchises do, they appeal to all gamers. Easy to pick up difficult to master.

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Profchaos95d ago

Cod ww2 was my last cod I really enjoyed it but no campaign equals no buy

DJStotty95d ago

modern warfare 2 was the last cod i enjoyed, after that it was rinse repeat

notachance95d ago

I wish they release the BR mode as a stand-alone title, want to play it but I ain't dropping $60 just for one mode.

Gaming_Guru95d ago

There are four game modes for $60.00 actually.

notachance95d ago

you don't understand my sentence, I'm only interested in BR mode so I don't want to pay $60 for 1 mode + the other 3 I don't plan to touch

PapaBop95d ago

I hear ya, a fair few of my friends want to pick it up but BR is the only thing that looks interesting. The pace of the regular MP makes me feel like a teenager after 10 cans of red bull.

PapaBop95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

^^^ Since when did pace equate to skill?