Insight into the developing of MGS4

The main tool used in this game with its world-class video graphics was SOFTIMAGE|XSI. CGSociety interviewed the Kojima Productions team after they had finished development and as the release date for MGS4 was approaching. In this interview, CGSociety were lucky to be able to speak with staff from all the major development units, including characters, background, machines, 2D, event demos, motions and programing.

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ThatCanadianGuy4275d ago

That was a very interesting read.It just makes me appreciate MGS4 and Kojima productions even more

fafoon4275d ago

I Suggest the BoTs need to read this !!

shawnsl654274d ago

they can't read it, it'll overwhelm their brain and end up in a RROD in the cerebrum and cranial nerves. To put this into better respective.. xbox zombie lemmings = vampire, this interview = sun light